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Elfneh Bariso from London wrote on 2023-03-06 at 09:18
Nami lubbuu dhabu hun dinuu nu naasisaa, nu rifachiisa. Nami le'ii guma kolbaa ifiitiif wodhaantoo qabataa ture ammoo caala'atti nama gaddisiisa.

Jaal Demissie ilaan wol beekuu dhannulle, aka nama Oromoo gumaaf wodhaantoo siyaasa'aa qabataa tureetti anille nama isaa galata galchu'uu male keessaa tokko. Dadhabbiin isaa, miidhami isaa aka lafatti hin banne wodhaantoon teenna yoomille caalaa finiinuu qaddi.

Jaallee Demissie, guddoo galatoom. Addee hoorfattetti, maqa'aa fi hujii teet haga bara baraatti hin qabanne.
Damtew Chekol from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-06 at 06:37
Obbo Demissie Sarda is a man who lived for the cause of our people. Nothing makes him happier than talking about Oromo people, Oromo history, Oromo struggle, the sacrifice of our heroes, etc.

Every opportunity he finds, he tries to educate us about our nation and the importance of its freedom. He dedicated his entire existence to the cause of the Oromo nation and remained true to that cause to the end. He is one of the giants that we call the fathers of our nation. He will be greatly missed by a lot of us individually, our community collectively, and the Oromo liberation struggle at large.

May he rest in eternal peace !!

Obbo Damissee keenyna jeennatnii kee huummata keenya waliin haata'u. Lubbuun kee mana Waaqayyoo tti qananii haa argatu.

Nagaatti !!
Kefyalew kebede from Oslo wrote on 2023-03-06 at 06:21
I am deeply saddened by the passing of obbo Demissie.

I met him only once when he came to visit his friend in Oslo this last summer. His unique way of storytelling about the Oromo struggle and the sufferings he had been through moved us in to tears all the night we had together. I appreciate his dedication and loyalty to the cause of Oromo struggle until the end of his life.

May God rest his soul in peace!
Oromo Community of the Greater Toronto Area from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-06 at 05:15
Oromo Canadian Community Association of GTA
Waldaya Hawaasa Oromoo Kaanaadaa -TGN (OCN 866340)
94 Kenhar Dr. Suite # 3, Toronto, Ontario, M9L1N4, Tel: (416) 767 8784, Fax: (416) 767 8784

OCCA Statement on the Passing of Mr. Demissie Kebede Sarda

March 4, 2023

It is with great sadness that the Board of OCCA writes to inform members and the public at large that Mr. Demissie Kebede Sarda, esteemed member, fatherly figure, and advisor of our community, died last night, March 3, at St. Michaelโ€™s Hospital in Toronto. He had been hospitalized following an injury he sustained upon falling at his own residence on Tuesday, February 28.

Mr. Serda, 77, was a member of the Oromo Community of the Greater Toronto Area for more than 30 years. He had touched in many ways the life of many of our members while living the entire three decades in Toronto. He was humble, kind, caring, overly generous, and great champion of the cause of the Oromo nation.

Prior to living in exile here in Toronto, Mr. Serda had immensely contributed toward the liberation struggle of his people. He dedicated his life for the struggle to see fundamental changes in individual and collective rights of the Oromo people. Testaments to that are that he had considerable involvement in the iconic Match-Tulama Association and the birth of the Oromo Liberation Front. In the course of the struggle that Mr. Demissie Serda passionately involved in, he paid enormous sacrifices that remain in the collective memory the Oromo people.

As humanist as he was, the life in exile never deterred him from advocating for human rights and justice for the Oromo and for fellow human beings at large. He loudly and eloquently voiced at all times at every public forum the egregious violation of the inalienable rights of the Oromo nation and others in Ethiopia. Even in private conversations, nothing drew his attention to a discussion much more than the political, economic, and social predicaments of his people. He persuasively and passionately argued fellow Oromos to stay on course in the liberation struggle that leads to the freedom and liberty of the Oromo nation. At all time, he loved echoing a motto that goes: โ€œFreedom for everyone and every nationโ€. He pleaded with everyone he interfaced with to work towards creating a just society.

His contribution in guiding and assisting newly arriving refugees in Toronto was unprecedented; so much so that his passing would undoubtedly create a huge void in this area of his service for our community.

As a member of the OCCA, Mr. Demissie Serda, affectionately addressed as Obboo, has a unique place in the heart and mind of members of the Oromo community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We know his sudden passing is quite shocking for all: his relatives, close friends, acquaintances, and the entire members of the GTA Oromo community.

Also, as iconic figure as he was, the death of Obbo Demissie is deeply affecting many in Oromia and across the globe who know his life and legacy. It must be heart-wrenching for his long-time comrades both in Oromia and the Diaspora.

As a father of the modern Oromo liberation struggle, Obbo Demissie's ground-breaking work of raising Oromo consciousness will be remembered in perpetuity. His contributions in laying building-blocks of Orommummaa is huge. In this regard, he has left a legacy for generations to come: the legacy of (1) being and respecting one-self (2) fighting for justice, equality, and freedom of individuals, and (3) struggling for collective rights of the Oromo people as a nation.
While we all grieve the death of Obbo Demissie, his ever-living legacy would be a source of solace for us.
At this difficult time of grief, the OCCA Board, on behalf of the Oromo Community in the Greater Toronto Area, offers its heartfelt condolences to his sisters, relatives, comrades, friends throughout the world.

May his soul rest in peace!

Board of Directors OCCA-GTA

Note: We will keep you posted on his funeral service and other programs soon. Please stay tuned!
GIRMA GEMEDA from TORONTO wrote on 2023-03-06 at 01:40
The death of Obbo Demissie is a great loss for his family, friends, the oromo national liberation struggle and our nation as a whole. He is among Oromo giants who totally dedicated their whole life to promoting the Oromo cause.

Obbo Demissie remained loyal to the cause he believed in till the end of his life. The struggle Obbo Demissie tirelessly struggled for will inevitably succeed, because it already produced a generation of Oromo that will never bow down for any sort of tyranny.

Our nation immensly misses Obbo Demissie.

Let him rest in peace!
Moti Nano from Ottawa wrote on 2023-03-05 at 23:13
History remembers Obbo Demisse as one of the greatest Oromo leaders who dedicated his life for the cause of Oromo people to bring an end to the misery Oromo people suffered under successive brutal rule of Abyssinians since the formation of the current Ethiopian state.
Obbo Demisse thought us what truly Oromumma is.

He dedicated his time to help out Oromo refugee claimants in North America in general and in Canada in particular. He always answered his phone to advise, help and educate . What a gracious human being indeed!

Obbo Demisse -- You will remain in our memories for our life time! May the cause you dedicated life for bear fruit fully one day soon.

May you rest in eternal peace!
Sufana Goro from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-05 at 23:09
Deeply saddened by passing of Obbo Demisse Sarda. He was the frist person to lend a helping hand when I was a newcomer. Not only did he help me settle and countless others, he was a father figure, an advisor and wise man for the entire community.

We lost a pillar of our community and a dedicated, selfless servant of this who need it the most, a father of Oromo refugees, he helped everyone regardless of their race, religion or political opinion.

Rest in peace Obbo Sarda. We will miss you dearly!!
Abbaa Bilisaa fi maatii from Calgary, AB wrote on 2023-03-05 at 21:59
Ana haanyaatu, Jaala keenna, kutataa ilma Sabaa, goota dhugaaf dhaabbatee, dhugaadhaaf jiraatee, umurii ufiitii fi lubbuu ufii Sabaaf dabarsee kenne.

Jaala kiyya
Jaala qabsoo
Jaallee Damisee Sardaa
Ani woyi lamuu si-argaa
Xumurtee adeemsa kee
Isa kan qabsoo dhugaa
Amma firraa boqadhuu
Damisee dhiigoo Sardaa
Sabni Seenaan si'argaa.

Dhaamsa kee hindhageennee
Wonta nutti dhaamattee
Akkam garaa jabaattee
Miila kee sassaabbattee
Harka kee dachaafattee
Afaan kee qadaadattee
Ija kee dunuunfattee
Akka nama-nam jibbee
Us jettee nurraa deemtee
Qabsoo oo'aan finiintee
Isii san Qeerroof dhiiftee?
Garaa jabaattee deemtee?

Qooda kankee bahattee
Fiigicha kee xumurtee
Yaa goota ilma Sardaa
Sabni seenaan siargaa
Egaa maalan si'iif dhaamaa
Atuu jajjabaadhu kaaaaa.

Qaamni kankee qaamayaa
Dhaabbanni kankee gaaltamaa
Foon kankae sabaaf fixxee
Damisee ilma Sardaa
Dadhabdee tumaan kuttee?

Biyyeen bakka boqattuu
Takkallee sinquuqinii
Ekeraan abaabuu kee
Abaabuu abbaa-dhugaa
Akaakuun haadha-haqaa
Hunduu sihaa simatanii.

Daadhiin sijala yaatee
Qumbiin hundi urgooftee
Gola kee sirreessanii
Godoo kee bareechanii
Ruhiyyaan jaallan qabsoo
Hunduu sihaa simatanii.

Jarati nuu geessi kaa
Waan biyyoon itti jirtuu
Haqni isaan darbaniif
Kan lubbuu woreeganiif
Daraaruu jalqabeeraa
Nagayatti abbeeraaaaa!
Eshetu Beshada from Winnipeg wrote on 2023-03-05 at 21:00
It is sad to hear the passing of Obbo Damissie who was one of the Oromoo giant. May his soul R.I.P.

I wish all the strength for his family, friends and compatriots. All his deeds will be remembered for ever.
Zewdu Debele from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-05 at 21:00
On top of his contribution to Oromo struggle, Obbo Demisse was helpful to many Oromia/Ethiopia refugees.

May he rest in peace
DERIBA WAKENE from TORONTO, ONTARIO wrote on 2023-03-05 at 20:20
Ahmed Sayyoo, from Brampton, Canada wrote on 2023-03-05 at 20:18
It is a really a sad day to all Oromos across the globe and Oromo community around greater Toronto area in particular. Obbo. Demise K.Sarda was a a towering figure among our community.

A man of conviction, an emblem of resistance and a reference of grace with an enviable plateau of high caliber. Goodbye and so long our beloved Damissie, thank you for your life long service of Oromo freedom struggles with unflinching stand despite a frustrating ups and downs along the way.

Thank you again and RIP.
Anbessie Debele Tiky from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-05 at 20:16
I have been living with Obbo Damissee K Serda as a roommate, a neighbor, a friend, a comrade in Toronto for about 30 years until the day left us for good.

I genuinly lack any words to express his integrity, kindness, passion, love of people, politeness, devotion, heroism, intelligence, persistence, sacrifice, willingness to help people, aspiration, ... Obbo was a rare specy. It is almost impossible to accoplish what he has, given the various Ethiopian regimes' egregious brutalities against his physique, mental and moral being and the eventual chronic health challenges he had to face everyday of his life on this planet.

Obbo was the only human being I know that had earned equal measures of respect from 3 generations, his predecessors, his own generation (in which I am included), and the generation of our children. Now that he is gone, all these generations are left with huge voids.

A giant pillar of the Oromo nation has fallen.

Utubaa mana keenyaatitu jige!
Obbo koo nagatti egaa. Nagaan boqodhu.
Abraha Dido from Hamilton, Canada wrote on 2023-03-05 at 20:05
Obboo Damissee stands tall not only in his physical appearance but contributions he made to Oromo struggle for freedom and equality. I have known not only in community engagement he deals with, but shared Waaqeffannaa group monthly meetings in Toronto till COVID set in.

I am proud of learning many lessons including characters of True Oromo from him. You trusted us as your children and sacrificed yourself for us.

God help us to follow your genuine path of Oromummaa.
Aziza Hussein from Ajax wrote on 2023-03-05 at 19:50
R.I.P Obbo Demissie๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ!

All the great memories we had with you in city of Toronto will always live with us.
Girma K Debel from Ottawa wrote on 2023-03-05 at 19:42
Oromia lost a great son. Oromos in Canada lost a great community servant, legal advisor, a storey teller, a giant freedom fighter, an exemplary father figure, who for the past 30 years had been serving, helping , resettling Oromos coming to Canada from Horn of Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

Obbo Dammise Kebede Sarda was a founder of OLF. He was also a member of parliament during a short period OLF was in the transitional government. Obbo Demissie was a true community servant, who lived his entire life for other people! A selfless human being!

His kindness, humility, great sense of community service have touched the lives thousands.

Ekeraan keechan boqonnaa argattinnaa!
Gammachuu B Tukee from Toronto, Ontario, Canada wrote on 2023-03-05 at 19:35
I am in a complete state of shock after having learned the passing away of our iconic freedom fighter, Obbo Demissie K Sarda.

I have known him in person for more than 12 years. I can imagine how it feels to go to Irreecha Toronto this year without his presence. He was always there and smiling and greeting us.

He spent his entire adult life fighting for our peopleโ€™s freedom. He spent years in Ethiopian prisons just for standing up against tyranny and oppression. Here in Canada, too, he helped so many immigrants by connecting them to immigration lawyers and offering them guidance.

He was present at funerals, weddings, different community meetings. This was the man who sacrificed entire life for public service. What an extraordinary citizen with such altruistic behaviour. Unlike many political leaders he was down to earth. He treated himself just like any ordinary citizen.

We will greatly miss you. Rest in peace.
Solomon Ayana from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-05 at 19:21
With sympathy
Iโ€™m saddened by the sudden death of our community symbol. Beyond his wide contribution and struggles for justices and fairness in Ethiopia,

Obbo Demissie served our community for free for many years especially helping new arrivals (including myself) to resettling in Toronto. He was greatly loved, respected and admired.

Rest In Eternal Peace.
We all love you Obbo Demissie.
Tullu Liban from Toronto wrote on 2023-03-05 at 18:34
I am so devastated by the sudden passing away of an iconic Oromo life time freedom fighter Obbo Demissie Kebede Sarda.

Obbo Sarda one of the Oromo Libration Front (OLF) founders, who was also an Ethiopian Parliament member representing OLF during the transitional government in 1991. After leaving the transitional government, he was based in Canada, Toronto city, over the last 30 years. Obbo Demissie Kebede Sarda was a dedicated son of the Oromo nation, a role model, a brother and friend -- and will be missed dearly amongst the entire Oromo society.

Obbo Demissie lived until his last breath serving the Oromo community overseas and contributing to the Oromo cause in different capacities.

With your determination for a noble cause you were jailed for over a decade in the military Derge chamber of torture at the Minilik palace and the notorious Meekelawi. You were exceptionally clean, mentally and physically. You were so selfless, a mentor, who committed everything to your people.

I don't have words to describe you at this emotionally tempting moment!

Rest in peace bro!
Hailu Darge Gemeda from Oslo /Norway wrote on 2023-03-05 at 11:42
Du'a Jaal Damissee Kabbadaa Sardaa'n gadda natti dhagahame akkan itti ibsu hin qabu.

Sardaa bara 1980 mana hidhaa masaraa Habashaa keessatti wal barre. Sardaa'n fira bara rakkootti. Mana hidhaa keessa waggaa kudhanii ol waliin jiraane. Gorsa isaa fi jabina isaa galaa godhanee bara rakkoo sana keessa huluqnne.

Obsi isaa fi kutannoon isaa dawaa nu ta'e. Akkuma alatti hojjetee bulaa biyya sanaa (Confederation of Ethiopian Labor Union) hoggane, Maikalawittis itti gaafatamaa hidhamtoota ABO ture.

Akkuma mana hidhaatii baheen bara 1991 Mana Mariiti bakka bu'oota ABO keessa nama tokko ture. Bara kanaa Oromoo kaayyoo ABO barsiise. Finfinnee fi gidduu galeessa Oromiyaa keessatti walgahii ummataa kan Sardaa'n irratti hin argamin hin jiru.

Sardaa'n Oromoo damaqsuu fi ijaaruu irratti hojii boonsaa hojjete. Ummata miliyoonan lakkaawanan kaayyoo bilisummaa fudhachiise. Dhaloota Qeerroo fi Qarree namoota uuman keessaa tokko. Sardaa'n nama umurii isaa guutuu Oromoo fi Oromiyaa'f kenne.

Jall koo, fira koo :

Bitti abbaa keetii Oromiyaan Qarree fi Qeeroo dhaan mirkana taatti. Seenan yeroo hunda si yaaadata. Hojiin kee bonsan yeroo hunda jiraata.

Nagaan nu boqadhu.
Ekeraa kee dammaa fi aanan jala haa yaa'u.
Sardaa keenya si jaalana.
Yoomu si hin irraafanu.
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