Was Ermiyas Legesse, of Ethio 360 Media, Egging on Amhara Extremists to Harm Oromo Musician, Qamar Yusuf?

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Ethio 360 Media is well known for their hate and disinformation propaganda regarding the politics and current affairs of Ethiopia. They are aligned with Amhara extremist groups, and they promote one-sided narratives, both with their daily “news” and “discussion”. The latter is presented by a permanent fixture of 3 to 4 members. Their hate propaganda was well noted recently with the Oromo Irreechaa (thanksgiving) annual holiday which is widely celebrated nationwide in Oromia as well as internationally by the Oromo diaspora, the recent celebration being last October. A complaint was lodged with YouTube regarding this matter under the title: ETHIO 360 MEDIA IS A HATE AND DISINFORMATION CHANNEL.

The irresponsible hate propaganda by Ethio 360 Media had, without a doubt, contributed to the assassinations of Oromo musicians in the recent past.

  • Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, a famous Oromo musician and civil rights activist, was assassinated on 29 June 2020. Haacaaluu’s death sent shock waves of anger, resentment, and frustration throughout Oromia in Ethiopia. That incident led to a widespread civil unrest resulting in several deaths and detentions.
  • Daadhii Galaan, an iconic Oromo musician and author, was  assassinated on 11 February 2019, by unidentified gunman while performing on stage.

These heinous crimes have never been investigated to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Mr Ermiyas Legesse on Another Oromo Musician

It was disturbing to watch an edition of Ethio 360 Media this last Wednesday January 4, 2023, wherein Mr Ermiyas Legesse was accusing of an Oromo musician, Mr Qamar Yusuf with unsubstantiated allegations. The language used was that of encouraging Amhara extremist groups to harm Qamar Yusuf. Mr Ermiyas Legessie is clearly inciting violence with direct reference to Qamar Yusuf. For your quick access, the YouTube video segment in question starts at around 15:40 timeline.

What do Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, Daadhii Galaan, and Qamar Yusuf have in common? They all condemn the genocide of Oromo people committed by Menelik in their songs. The Oromos regard Menelik as a “Hitler of Africa” while Amhara extremists venerate Menelik as the founder and modernizer of Ethiopia.

This incitement of violence by Ethio 360 Media under the direction of Mr Ermiyas Legessie should be condemned as endangering the musician’s life; and OROMIA TODAY wishes to bring this matter to the attention of YouTube LLC and parent company Google LLC to investigate it urgently. Like the previous complaint lodged against Ethio 360 Media, OROMIA TODAY call upon YouTube LLC and Google LLC for Ethio 360 Media hate and disinformation channel to be banned from operating on YouTube platform.

Note: We shall update this message with a list of communities and civic organizations endorsing this campaign.


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