Oromo elites are shunning initial Kaayyoo of the nation as articulated by OLF without replacing it with any viable alternative

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By Ibsaa Guutama

23 March 2019

Oromo elites are shunning initial Kaayyoo of the nation as articulated by OLF without replacing it with any viable alternative. This raises a question if they are accepting that Oromo were and will be self-reliant independent nation? So far it is only struggle under that kaayyoo, that could enable them to reach the level from where they could hit their goal. Without reaching that level it will be difficult for nation and country to get attention and respect for one’s rights and interest. It is because of that initial kaayyoo that the enemy is campaigning against OLF even without doing anything and continuously keep on cursing any Oromo alleging for being OLF.

Therefore, getting together of organizations carrying Oromo names to discuss on how to take the Oromo to that level could contribute to their common strength. For those with different outlook realizing the right of nations to national self-determination can give them to follow their heart after popular decision. For all purposes, it is essential to assure the people that its life and property will never again be affected without its direct or through representatives expressed will. Finfinnee was captured during the time of Emperors. Its boundary line with country side and little villages should not go beyond what was then during the last Emperor.

That regime came to an end by revolution for which Oromo suffering was the major cause. Therefore, boundary change after Oromo struggle that was born from that revolution is not acceptable. Boundaries are set for towns and villages for administrative convenience. It is not necessary for any town including Finfinnee to expand beyond its border line by swallowing peasants’ holdings.

Let us take Washington DC as an example for it is mentioned frequently. Initially Washington DC was 100 square miles. Later it was reduced to 68.34 after Alexandria refused and receded. It was formed on land ceded by Mary Land and Virginia to create a neutral ground for the nation’s capital. Otherwise it could have been left in Philadelphia. Workers originating from neighbouring states go to DC and it is not necessary for DC to expand into them. Even building in DC should not be higher than Washington Monument. For this reason, except for supporting each other with service and manpower, it is not necessary to be combined. Therefore, it cannot serve as example for Finfinnee “Baldaras Hall Putsch”. Oromia government is the administration of an Oromo institution. The constitution and the law do not allow it to serve others before it serves its own people’s interest. It can stand with its neighbours in distress.

Is it ignorance or contempt to blame it on Finfinnee question, for not standing with aliens by betraying its own people? New Ethiopia is supposed to be formed with the colonies based on their willingness. It will not be reinstating old Ethiopia and even the name can be different. Standing in old Ethiopia and trying to impose conditions cannot answer the Oromo question and produce results desired by all, unity.

Elites among the Amaaraa ethnic group, which are “non-Amaaraa Amaaraa” are belittling themselves by them selves. Are they expecting the Oromo will stop abandoning span of land to them from its bellybutton, Finfinnee? The land of Gullallee, Galaan and Eekkaa clans are still exist under those names. Though they were denied the land the tribesmen are still around. Now they are saying we will take back our land and administer it according to our laws. What is the cacophony about by nafxanyaa remnants, when the nafxanyaa system had been broken?

The sovereign is Oromo, residents are different peoples and institutions in the empire and from all over the world. It was Finfinnee that their grandfathers first occupied with weapons of mass destruction and bounced from there to put free countries under itself. Their children retried that episode with tricks but are crying when s exposed, why? The misguided poor that broke the law can go and ask compensation from those guiding them with remote control. The Oromo culturally take law as superior to all things.

Those that break the law cannot be their friends and they cannot have compassion for them. In Oromia all can have home and develop property according to law of Oromia. Town hooligans are bragging “We will exterminate each other”. No one responds to them, they only wish to exterminate people but cannot do it. It is cultural for Oromo youth to carry sticks and for old men “dhabata” (long stick to lean on). They drive dogs away with them not people.

Those that claimed to be progressives and had been roaming the mountains in the name of revolution are now exposed discriminating people based on religion. In a time when even the Orthodox church is infested with “Tahaaddisoo” (Reformers) they are trying to divide the Oromo by their religion. The Oromo are enemy with the class that spread over them the nafxanyaa system in the name of the Amaaraa and have no conflict with the Amaaraa people. Now, ones who do not know history and do not consider tomorrow are provoking them for their identity and faith in name of Amaaraa.

Oromo are neither naïve nor cowards but are tolerant and patient. We declared supporting change and accepted the leadership of Dr. Abiy and supremacy of the law. For Oromo transition means going across from Nafxanyaa system to democracy and rule of law. For those shouting in the name of Amaaraa it means restoring autocratic rule built on nafxanyaa system and sabotage the revolution that has been going on for half a century. That will never happen for much has been spent on it. The existing Ethiopian constitution is the supreme law we have at present. We are neither in the drafting or proclaiming. They are rejecting their own while we have accepted it without qualification. Accepting supremacy of the law is accepting it. And breaking it is committing crime. Let them cool down and device a way to bring about peace.

Oromo respects Amaaraa not because of intermarriages and interbreeding but because they are human beings. As for intermarriage, they have that relationship even with overseas whites. Individuals are intermarrying believing in love, justice, equality, and human dignity and are not marrying the nations. Therefore, nations create coalitions if they respect each other’s equality and interests and if they have a common vision alone.

We have said Oromo love peace and tranquillity. Do not approach them with conflicts. Do not humiliate their leaders that respected you. Had Oromummaa not put rein on them they could have sat above all our heads and pounded us down like your past rulers. Let Waaq save us! Oromian haa jiraattu!

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