Oromo never desired others land passing over their own country

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By Ibsaa Guutama 10 April 2019

OLF is the first-born Oromo political organization. It was founded to free Oromia from Ethiopian colonialism and establish independent Democratic Republic Oromia. Since then, as Oromo struggle advanced with strength much change has taken place in the empire. Today except for colonial mentality colonial relations are no more what they were at the beginning. But Ethiopian government with its symbols and insignia’s that reminds more than hundred years of subjugation is still in power. The jarring cacophony of the past is still practiced by those that have nostalgia for Nafxanyaa days.

The reversibility of the struggle that was carried out for the last fifty years had wounded the purse and psyche of several. For this OLF is taken as the culprit. Nowadays Oromia is being attacked from all corners in a way that seems conspiratorial. Fresh attacks are those on Karrayyuu border and in Walloo. There are some Oromo fighters in jungles of Oromia, not in non-Oromo regions. But there are legally recognized Oromo zones in Amaaraa region. Valleys and lowlands from Haxaayee to Raayyaa are Oromo land and plateaus and highlands are Habashaa’s; this both peoples there know. There are Amaaraa groups that deny, let alone in their region, existence of any land in Oromo name anywhere.

They say all are theirs. For their argument they named Oromo places with unheard of names like Bararaa, Midire Gaany, Bete Amaaraa. No one wise enough, in particular when one is a late comer will raise such controversy with one of the oldest people in Africa who had made this part of Africa from Mediterranean to the equator their homes at one or another time. Be that as it may, they do not dare to say to the face that “Oromo are their enemies”. Therefore, whatever evil thing they plan for the Oromo they try to load it on OLF as the biblical scapegoat. Habashaa and Oromoo in that area had tradition of clashing over grassland and boundaries. Their conflicts were resolved in traditional manner by elders from both sides whenever they arise. But now armed Amaaraa Faannoo from other areas came to evict Oromo but failed. After being beaten back they started to cry that armed OLF group attacked the Amaaraa. Faannoo in Amharic means outlaw obedient to no one. They provoked the neighboring Oromo and retreated to farming community telling “Oneg” is chasing them. That is how farmers started to cry “Oneg” on media. The truth for sure will come out after independent investigation. It was told that Ethiopian and Amaaraa government forces have gone to the area to keep peace.

The experience Oromo had in that zone was when they were treated with partiality. But now those that call themselves forces of change we hope will not follow that tradition. In particular for Oromo surrounded by aliens if disarming is going to be tried it will be declaring their destruction. The Ethiopian and Amaaraa governments must take responsibility for curbing the ambition of some Amaaraa groups to reoccupy Oromia bit by bit before it agitates a major war of defense from Oromia side. Dawwee is one of the cultural and religious centers of the Oromo nation. That is what it is causing peaceful demonstration all over Oromia in protest against attack of Oromo in Walloo.

Those that raise hue and cry had supporters in media and Nafxanyaa system hopefuls. All start opening their mouths by cursing OLF. What was surprising is when they said OLF burned “Guraagee shops” in Baahir Daar. Modern Oromo did not cross the Abbayyaa River though there are much to claim. In Oromia OLF is one of the Oromo political organizations. Outside Oromia OLF means Oromo. Oromo is becoming bogyman in Habashaa Land. Name difference for Oromo organization has no use once they are out of their homeland, they all become OLF/Oneg. Oromo never desired others land passing over their own country.

Anyone who likes the climate and Oromo humanity can go and live with them in peace obeying Oromo law. But as nations, for the sake of peaceful co-existence and freedom, it would be better to limit ourselves to our own countries and covenants we together make among ourselves with individual nations and nationalities free will.

Oromian haa jiraattu.

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