A TikTok Video Message by Aisha Oromia Ali on Genocide in Oromia

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Gross Human Rights Violations and Crimes Against Humanity in Western Oromia.

The perpetrators are the Ethiopian government and the Amhara paramilitary group called Fano. This sinister Grand Plan is to crush the Oromo People’s freedom fighters–the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)–whose majority fighting force are the Qeerroo and Qarree youths that brought about the current government into power in 2018. That very government betrayed the pledge they made to the Oromo people in 2018, and now on intent to wipe out the Oromo freedom fighters, not only to hang on to power, but also to reverse all the federal based constitutional democracy and bring back the unitary and imperial past of Ethiopia.

commentary by Staff Editor

For the original message, please listen to Aisha’s own words in the video message below.

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