Andrew DeCort’s Message of ‘Cry Out for Peace’ with regard to Atrocities in Oromia

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Andrew DeCort puts out a gripping exposé of “the horrifying escalation of violence in Ethiopia’s Oromia region” as he sets out his article on his Facebook page. A five-section article starts with “Ethiopia’s “Other War” in Oromia” and wraps up with last section on “Cry Out for Just Peace!”.

– commentary by Staff Editor

Footage is being released of people being burned alive by soldiers and human heads being paraded on pikes by Fano militants. Every few days brings news of another massacre. The government is using drones and jets to dominate its own people. The region is becoming a human slaughter house.

What we are witnessing is not new. The Ethiopian empire was built on this gruesome violence in Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia. Today, this hellish destruction of life is either the empire desperately grasping to complete itself or its death fever.

Full article is here.

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