That Fateful Day, October 18, 1986||Guyyaattii Bala’amtuu Sana, Onkololessa 18, 1986

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By Ibsaa Guutama
October 2016


It was Birraa season in Oromia. It all happened in Maa’ikalaawii (Central) Investigation center in Northern Finfinnee. One morning hour, some prisoners were busting in the morning sunshine behind a building where prisoners meet their relative by appointment. The north side of the building had window like openings, where family handover lunch to police every morning to be given for their loved ones. The late comrade, Isheetuu Ulatuu, was permanently assigned to receive food, closing and other materials family members bring for prisoners. Prisoners that take the food from Isheetuu and deliver it to prison cells were busy going in and out of the Upper Compound. Jaal Beekaa (Gazaahiny Kaasaahun Jaarraa) was one of the deliverers. At a certain point he told this writer that many prisoners had been brought from Karcheellee. Everyone thought it was for release.

It was also said Karcheellee Prisoners were seen going in and coming out from the prisoners’ administration office one by one with piece of paper in their hands smiling. Then Jaal Beekaa came again and told him that prisoners from lower compound including our comrades Lieutenant Yiggazuu,who is a graduate of Military academy and Kabbada who worked for Ministry of agriculture around Adaamaa, were called out. Then this writer saw from distance when Jaal Muhee was called. J/ Muhee were a member of the highest leadership of OLF. Then no sooner Beekaa, who was First Deputy President of Confederation of Ethiopian Labor Union, was called. Now the matter became a puzzle. Those who were busting in the sun were excited and went in to wait for the news if any. After some time the administration asked for their belongings. It now became obvious that something fishy was going on. All prisoners were stunned.

What was to be heard and done on October 18, 1986 was the worst of all experiences in prison for Oromo political prisoners.All the mentioned comrades wereslaughtered. In addition there were political prisoners brought from Karchallee, affiliated to EPRP, EPLF, TPLF and Jehovah Witness who had been under detention from 6-9 years that met the same fate as the four Oromo comrades. From Maa’ikalaawii prisoners, out of the eighteen fourOromo nationalists,Muhee Abdoo Abbaa Duulaa, Gazaahiny K. Jaarraa, Kabbada Damissee, and Lieutenant Yiggazuu Waaqee were included. Most Oromo prisoners were imprisoned starting December 1979. They were all never given court hearing, they were also never charged except the sufferings they received in torture rooms. All were strangled to death with ropes on that day in that compound and buried in Kotobeeas late rumors went. This was verified after fall of the Darg by Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF). As to how many the numbers of those victims were, was not clearly known then, but it was given after discovery of their bodies as thirty.

Coincidentally or planned, on that day for the first time, TV set was brought and prisoners from both compounds were assembled in open space in front of the Upper compound.The Head of Maa’ikalaawii, Colonel Argawu Isheetee came back from butchery and gave a speech unrelated to what he has done before coming there. He started to lecture that prisons are not for punishment but correction. No one forced Argawu to lie about objectives of his institution. The prisoners know that unknown numbers of prisoners were massacred that very day under his watch whoever might have ordered it. Though the goal the martyrs set together with the remaining, establishing Democratic Republic Oromia is not yet achieved, the debate has reached a level never seen before.Fiery, indefatigable Qubee generation has come up to upholding the kaayyoo for which they gave their lives and made their cause known to the world. Their presence could have made a significant difference but damn the enemy, the nation is denied their courage and determination which seem in short supply these days, where swindlers and opportunist are frolicking unabated.

Thus Oromo group lost four outstanding comrades on that day, they were never given a hearing or no evidence brought against them publicly. Their remaining 14 comrades can say or do nothing except waiting for their turn dying from inside. The dead were comrades and darlings of the group. They did not live to see the great leap their revolution took as well as the traitorous diversions of many of their comrades. Those spared for that day didn’t know when and in what manner their turn would come but they survived the Darg if not the frustrations. Ten were released by the Darg on September 2, 1989 while the rest were set free in 1991 before the demise of the remaining Darg pretenders.

This writer felt that his soul and body were no more together. He was nothing but a living dead. He could not protest vocally or get up and leave the assembly. He was under the spell of the Administrator. After the lecture was over he went back to his cell and covering his body inside his gaabii (toga) sobbed like a child. Was it cowardice or instinct for survival that did not make him burst in public, he still cannot say? Similar feelings are observable among all comrades. They could not open their mouth for many hours even to talk to each other for they were all choked with grieve. Grieve which cannot be expressed without crying and shading tears, crime which snitches were looking for. If involvement in the Oromo liberation movement is a crime he was not less if not more criminal than those executed. Why these young ones when the older ones were spared? It was a riddle that he failed to decipher then. But as days passed and he was able to connect certain historical facts he understood that killing youngsters of those they oppress, in order to deny them hope of developing leadership is standing policy of Habashaa rulers.

Action taken outside the rule of law has no rational or basis and this writer has no answer for his mental query. But days passing and connecting historical facts he realized that killing the young and energetic is tactics of Habashaa rulers to deny those they dominate the hope of developing leadership. The huge Oromo population, fertility of Oromo mothers and the capacity of Oromo tradition to integrate aliens, is what bothers them from time immemorial. They want to reduce it by all possible means including, extra judicial killings, poisoning, castrating, sterilizing, spreading deceases like AIDS, cholera and the likes and denying the necessities of life like food for the needy.Agaazii’s shooting children on head and heart to kill is part of this. They did not originate such techniques but copied from fascists and admirers of their methods. But each action can boomerang and woe to them when that happens. Leaving aside those before them, if we see their criminal practices and how their recent kings ended up alone, for instance, Yohannis VI, Minilik II, Haayila Sillaasee, Dargand Mallaswill be enough.

There are even today those that refuse to learn from the past. Aliens are not interested in the wellbeing of the people but in land and natural resources of Oromia. First they used to say Oromo have no land but born to be their serfs. When that refused to hold water they started to say we have formed blood ties through breeding.That also doesn’t make them different from other peoples of the world. Then they started wooing Oromo runaways to help them in reoccupying. Such are self-serving Oromo though pretending to care for the people. Just not to yield to own national peer, they throw life line to national enemy that history rejected. Those are the types that don’t feel comfortable without alien master. However, Oromo youth are aware that their life cannot be spared and they cannot leada peaceful and stabile life unless they totally get off the oppressor from their back. Not only those that are Oromo but even those that take residence in Oromia are obliged to defend Oromia from aggressor coming from outside her. Be it to put own people’s history, culture and tradition under mercy of aliens or taking having alien gene as excuse and making oneself ready to serve autocrats that commit genocide is nothing but cowardly.

These days it is observed when a theory that says those that are of mixed blood could get proper place only in unitary empire state. Oromo have a country and that is Oromia. If they are born from any of the Oromo parents they belong to Oromia unless they disclaim and opt for another country. All peoples have laws and traditions by which to trace genealogyand that of Oromo hybrids will not be different. There is no third alternative but to join one’s father or one’s mother or be cosmopolitan and fit anywhere without prejudice. Oromo are not those of the past whom they used to load and drive but those which are out to reclaim their lost freedom and dignity. Itmay befrightening to be a member of the oppressed group for it has more deaths, humiliations and sufferings. But freedom doesn’t come without a cost. Now, things are changing since Oromo started to assert themselves. The Habasha want to continue approaching them with colonial symbols and Ethiopianism; they are still mentally colonizers despite changes inother relations. There is a long way left for them to understand the Oromo question that is why they are pushing forward the hybrid question. We learned lots from imprisonment and the killings of our hero brothers on October 18, for whom ethnicity was never a question in fighting for Oromo freedom. Habashaa bureaucrats did not even consider if a fly was killed from among us.

The colonel and his group thought they would be safe by implementing orders for eliminating individuals. They had come doing that for over fifteen years. At the end they saw that their actions only made fast their demise. They prepared a smooth ground for their nemesis. A harsher more vengeful and tactful opponent destroyed their power and perfected their system. It didn’t do to them what they were doing to others. They did not kill them but gave them the chance to defend themselves before a court of law, be it kangaroo or genuine which they denied others. Their objective is the same; their quarrel is for power, it was not their business to correct injustice done by Darg as people expected. As long as they can subjugate the colonies they are not bothered correcting Darg’s follies. The new rulers were not betterthan Dargbut the new patrons wanted them toat least pretend to be law abiding and democratic. Yet, they are using all available means, kidnaping, summary killings, imprisoning, torturing and eugenics to suppress Oromo freedom and liberty and for ethnic cleansing very diligently. That have added more fuel to the struggle that those martyrs ignited for independence of the fatherland.

Many including the colonel died in prison for lack of comfort and treatment. The one that replaced them has perfected Darg’s instrument of suppression and is moving in the way they showed it. Histories of Habashaa oppressors show that there will always come a time, when the oppressor takes the place of oppressed and experience not only all its brutalities but also all its sufferings. No one ever escaped that wrath. After the massacre life continued as usual waiting for come what may. Release came for most three years after the massacre and 5 years for others.

For this writer all are his younger brothers and comrades. They have gone through prison life together, which included corporal and mental torture. They have lived with him for six years hosting torture victims all through those years. Agony of Oromo political prisoners behind the bars are more than one could tell. They have all eaten leftover of palace guards,“zilzil”, leftovers that included chewed and spat cartilages supposed to be thrown out as garbage but sent to be recycled in prison cells carried on barilla carrying concrete for building s called “barilla”. Together they have shared the good in the bad. When this writer thinks of them tears, nervousness, old pains from tortured body parts start to come back. For this reason he tries to avoid their memory to keep him sane. But how can it be possible if not self-deceit? It is now 30 years since they parted, those comrades that survived them are still living by accident. Only free people die by accident. Most still have kept their promise to uphold the national Kaayyoo and fly their bannerhigh. Rest in peace comrades! You have taught us love, courage and patriotism. With your blood millions of patriots have blossomed.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty, equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our forefathers!

Ibsaa Guutama
October 2016


Guyyaattii Bala’amtuu Sana, Onkololessa 18, 1986

Oromia dhaa Birraa ture.Wanti halle Maa’ikalaawii, Jarmaa QorqoraaWaaltaa, kaaba Finfinneett argamutt tahe. Innaa ganama tokko, hidhamtooti mana fira baallamaan ilaalan duuba taa’anii caama qaqaammatu.Manichi gara kibbaatii qaawaa akka foddaa, karaa firri nyaata hidhamtootaa polisiitt kennan qaba. Jaal IsheetuunUlatuu, kan amma lubbuun hin jire, nyaata, uffataa fi waatattaa biraa kan hidhamaaf dhufu Polisii harka akka fuudhu dhaabbataatt ramadamee ture. Hidhamtooti nyaata Isheetuu harka fuudhanii diinqa hidhaatt daddeebisan Mooraa Gubbaa shaffisaan lixanii yoo bahaan ni mullatu turan. Jaal Beekaan (Gazaahiny Kaasaahun) kanneen deddeebisan keessaa tokko ture.Barreessaa kanatt al tokko dhufee akka hidhamtooti hedduun Karcheellee dhufan itt hime.Nammi hundi hiikkaaf taha jedhee yaade.

Hidhamtooti Karcheellee waajjira bulcha hidhamtootaa tokko tokkoon lixanii erbaala wayii fudhanii qummaada yoo gad bahan argaman jedhama. J/Beekaan ammas dhufee Mooraa Dakaatii hidhamtooti jaallawwan keenya, Abbaa Dhibbaa Yiggazuu Waaqee kan Akaadamii Lolata Hararii bahe, Kabbada ( Waleensuu)kan naannaa Adaamaa Ministeraa Qonnaaf hojjetaa turefi hidhamtooti biraas akka keessa jiran itt hime. Ittaansee barreessaan kun Jaal Muheen waamamee yeroo deemu faggoott arge. Jaal Muheen miseensa Hoggansa olhaanaa ABO ture. Hin turree Gazaahiny kan Dura taahaa Ittaanaa tokkoffaa Konfedereeshina hojjettoota Itophiyaa tures waamame. Amma dubbiin dhibduu taate.Kanneen aduu qaammataa turan akka rifachuu tahanii hoduun yoo jiraateef dhagahuu gara dallaa saaniitt ol deebi’an. Yeroo hanga tokko duuba mi’a saanii gad kennaa jedhame. Amma wanti hin tolle tokko akka deemaa jiru mamsiise. Hundu nirifatan.

Kan Onkoloolessa 18, 1986 dhagahamuuf deemuu fi tahes,hidhamtoota Oromoo malbulchaafhidhaa keessatt muuxannoo hedduu badaa ture.Jallewwan gubbaatt dhahaman hundi ni qalaman. Isan irratt dabalamanii hidhamtooti malbulchaa EPRP, EPLF, TPLF fi Johova Witnesitt himaman karchellee dhufankan waggoota 6-9 qabaa jala turan qalmaaf dhihatan. Hidhamtoota Maa’ikalaawii sabboonota Oromo 18 keessaa afur,Mooraa Gubbaa Muhee Abdoo Abbaa Duulaa, Gazaheny Kasaahun Jaarraa fi Mooraa Dakaa, Kabbadaa Damissee,Abbaa Dhibbaa Yiggazuu Waaqee itt dabalaman. Hidhamtooti Oromoo garri caalaan Mudde 1979 keessa qabaman.Hunda dhageettiin gaaddisaa hin kennamneef, guraara kutaa dararaa keessatt irra gahe malee kanaan himatamtanis jedhamanii hin beekan. Hundi dallaa sana keessatt hudhamanii ajjeefamuun Kotobeett awwaalamuutu guungumamaa ture. Kotobeett awwaalamuun erga Dargiin finqilaatee”Argentine Anthropology Team (EAAF)” jedhamuun mirkaneeffame.Yeros lakkoofsi gaaga’amtootaa meeqa akka ture sirriitt hin beekamu, 90 gad miti jedhama ture. Garuu erga lafeen saanii argamee soddoma jedhame.

Walirra bu’ee haa tahuu karoorfamee gaafa sana jalqabaaf qodaan TV dhufee hidhamtooti mooraa lachanuu akka walgahanii holola Dargii ilaalan godhame. Ajajaan Maa’ikalaawii Koloneel Argawu Isheete jedhamu qeeraa deebi’ee haasaa waan godhee dhufe hin ilaalle haasawe.Manooti hidhaa bakka adabaa utuu hin tahin bakka sirreessaa tahu jedhe. Akka maalummaa akeeka dhaaba saa sobuu, Argaawuun kan dirqisiise hin turre. Abbaan fedhe haa ajajuu hidhamtooti lakkoofsi saanii hin beekamne eegumsa isaa jalatt akka qeera’aman hundi achi turan beeku.Yoomallee, manii kanneen hafan waliin akeekkatan Republik Demkratofte Oromia dhaabuun hardhaaf bakka hin gahin,falammiin saa sadarkaa kanaan dura hin argamin gahee jira. Dhalooti Qubee mukukkula tahan kaayyoo isaan kufaniif qabatanii ka’anii jiru.Utuu jiraatanii garagarummaa guddaa fiduu dandahu ture; garuu diinni haa badduu, sabichi jagnummaa fi kutannoo isaan qaban, si’ana waakkii tahe dhabee, rooraatuu fi ayyaan laallatuun qabaa malee burraaqaa jirtii.

Akkasitt murni Oromo gootota gita hin qabne afur dhabe; ifatt ragaan irratt dhihates, gaaddisa irratt dhaggeeffanoon kennameefis hin beeku.Jaallewwan saanii kudha arfan hafan, keessaan du’aa dhumiisa eeguu malee, wanti jedhanis, gochuu dandahan hin turre. Kanneen du’an, jallewwanii fi leelloo murnichaa turan.Warraaqsi saanii hagam akka utaalee fi karaa irraa maqa ganaa tahe jaallewwan saaniis arguuf hin jirane.Kanneen gaafas baraaraman yoomii fi akkamitt darabeen saanii akka dhufu hin beekne;Dargiin isaan dursee kutuu, quuqaa gara ittuma hafe.Kudhan Fulbana 2, 1989 Dargiin, kan hafan 1991 fakkeessituun hambaan Dargii utuu hin kufin gaddhiifaman.

Barreessaan kunakka waan lubbuu fi foon saa walitt hin jirreett itt dhagahame. Inni jiraa du’aa malee homaa hin turre.Sagaleen mormuu haa tahu walgahicha irraa ka’ee deemuu hin dandeenye.Raatessaa Ajajichaa jala ture.Lallabichi erga dhumee maandhee saatt deebi’ee gaabii saa jala lixee akka daa’imaa harquutt ka’e. Sodaattummaa moo dhalootee of oolchuuti, kan amba keessatt iyyee burququu isa dhowwe, ammalee deebii hin qabu? Yoo ABO keessatt qooda fudhachuun yakka tahe, inni kanneen ajjeefaman yoo caale malee isaanii gad hin turre. Yeroo manguddoon baraaraman maaf dargaggoon kun du’an? Kun hibboo hanga yoonaa galchuu hin dandeenye.

Tarkaanfiin seeraa alatt fudhatamu maalifaa kan hin qabneef kana ni taha jechuun dhibu waan taheef, gaaffii sammuu keessa deddeebi’uuf deebii hin qabu.Garuu guyyooti darbanii mirkanii seenaa tokko tokko yoo walitt fufu, dargaggoo fi giidoo kan qaban roorrisaan ajjeefamuun,ummaticha abdii hoggansa guddifachuu dhabsiisuuf, tooftaa bulchoota Habashaa akka tahe hubate. Dilormaan Oromoo guddaa tahuu, taadhummaan haadholii Oromoo fi dandeettiin halagaa ofitt qabuu Oromoo, yeroo hin yaadamnee ka’ee kan isaan yaaddessaa dhufe. Karaa dandahan hundaan, seera ala ajjeesu, haddhaa sooruu, sangoomsuu, maseensuu, dhukkuba akka Farmullis Farra Misa Rincicaa (AIDS), Koleeraa fi kan fakkaatan fi waan jireenyaa barbaachisan akka nyaataa, wayyaa fi qoricha kan fakkaatandhowwachun ajjeesanii,lakkofsa saanii gad cabsuuf tattaafatu. Akka du’aniif,beekaa mataa fi onneedaa’immaniitt akeekkatanii dhukaasuun Agaazii qaama kanaati. Falli akkasii kan ofii maddisiisan qofa utuu hin tahin fashistootaa fi kanneen fala saanii leellisan irraa akkaafataniitu. Garuu gochi hundi abbaatt deebi’uu dandaha; gaafa sun tahe isanumaaf moojii.Hojii yakkaa fi akka moototi saanii itt raawwatan, fakeenyaaf kanneen isaan duraa dhiifnee seenaa Yohannis VI, Minilik II, Haayila Sillaasee I, Darguu fi Mallasaa qofa ilaaluun ni gaha.

Kanneen waan darbe irraa barachuu dadhaban hardhallee jiru.Halagan lafaa fi qabeenya uumaa Oromia malee nageenya ummata Oromoof dhimma hin qabanii.Jalqaba Oromoon lafa hin qabu gabbaarii tahuuf dhalate jedhu turani.Yoo sun fakkaachuu didu walirraa horuun firummaa ummanneerra jedhani.Oromoonaddunyaa hunda irraa horeeraakan saanii adda hin tahu. Itt hansanii Oromoo fira irraa qoollifatan, akka deebi’anii qabachuu gargaaraniif sossobachuutt ka’ani.Oromooti akkasii ofittoota, beekamuu ofii gamatt homaa arguu hin dandeenyee.Xiiqii hiriyaa sabboona ofiin qabataniif diina sabaa seenaa tufee harka hiixataafii jiru. Jarri akkasii gooftaa malee jiraachuun itt hin tolu.Dargaggoon Oromoo garuu, yoo ofirraa hadhan qofa lubbuun baraaramanii akka nagaa fi tasgabbiin jiraatan hubatanii jiru.Namoota Oromoo tahan hafee kanneen Oromia keessa jiraatan hundi diinaalaa dhufu Oromoo bira dhabbatanii ofirraa faccisuu qabu.Seenaa, aadaa fi dudhaa ummata ofii halagaa jala galchuuf haa tahu, qaccee halagaa qabaachuu sababfatanii abbaa hirree waliin ummata nagaa fixuuf of qopheessuu lugnummaa malee homaa jedhamuu hin dandahu.

Si’aana yaadanmalli olbahaa jiru,makoon finnaa empayeraa tokkee keessatt qofa bakka argatu kan jedhu. Oromoon biyya qaba, innis Oromia dha. Yoo abbaa fi haadha keessaa tokko illee Oromoo tahan irraa dhalatan ofii hin feenu jedhanii biyya biraa filatan malee isaan kan Oromiatii. Ummatooti hundi akka itt qaccee dhahatan qabu, makoo Oromoo kanadda tolchu hin jiru. Filmaati sadaffaan waan hin jirreef gara abbaa yk gara haadha goruu yk hunda beekaa (kosomopolitan) tahanii ciigoo irraa qulqullaawu dha. Oromoon jara dur ba’aa itt fe’anii oofan utuu hin tahin walabummaa fi ulfina badde deeffachuuf kan bobba’anii. Miseensa cunqurfamootaa tahun du’a hedduu, salphinoota fi gidiraa waan qabuuf nama sodaachisa taha. Garuu walabummaan gatii malee hin dhuftuu.Amma erga Oromoon ejjennoo fudhachuutt kahani dubbiin jijjiiramaa jirti. Habashaan mallattoota kolonii fi Itphiyummaan itt siquu fedhu, hariiroon biraa geedaramuyyuu ammallee samuun saanii kan koloneeffataatii. Gaaffii Oromoo qayyabachuuf fagootu isaan hafaa, kanaaf waa’ee makoo oofuutt kahanii.Hidhamuu fi ajjeechaa Onkoloolessa 18 obbolaa keenya goototaa, kanneen walabummaa Oromiaf loluuf waa’ee lammummaa gaaffii keessa hin galchine irraa hedduu baranne.Waajjibulchiin Habashaa hamma tisiisillee nu keessaa du’eett hin fudhanne.

Koloneelichiifi murni saa, ajaja abba tokkoota dhabamsiisu hojii irra oolchuunkan nagaan hafan itt fakkaatee ture. Waggoota kudha shanii ol sana godhaa as gahan. Booda irratt, gochi saanii akka dhuma saanii qofa shaffisiise argan.Hamajaajii ofiif karaa tolaa qopheessaa bahan.Nakkariin caalaa hamaa haaloo kuusatefi tooftaa beekaatahe angoo saanii burkuteesse sirna hacuuccaa saanii akka raajiitt qare. Haa tahu malee kan isaan nama biraa irratt tolchaa turan irraan hin geenye. Xaddachadhugaa haa tahuu sobaa dhihaatanii akka of irraa ittisan carraa kenneef malee akka isaanii hin taane.Akeeki saanii tokkuma; lolli saanii angoof malee roorroo hambisuuf miti.Hanga kolonota of jalatt galchanitt daba Dargiin dhaqabsiiseef dantaa hin qabanne.Bulchooti haaraan kunisaan irra wayyaa utuu hin tahin, gooftoliin saanii haaraan yoo xinnaate kan seeran bulan akka fakeessan dhiibbaa irratt gochuutu adda isaan tolche. Sanaaf malee isaan sanumaa, aadaa sabummaa namaa hiluu hin qabanii.Sun tahees,ukkaamsuu, seera malee ajjeesuu, hidhuu, guraaruu, fi sanyii hin barbaadamne seca’uu, walabummaa fi akka fedha ofii tahuu Oromoo ciipha’uu fi lammii qulqulleessa jabaatanii itt fufuu hin dhaabne. Sun qabsoo dabaankufooti walabummaa Biyya Abbaaf qabsiisanitt boba’aa ida’e.

Koloneelichii fi hedduun qananii fi wallaansa dhabuun hidhaa keessatt du’an.Kan isaan bakka bu’e, dhooftuu roorroo Dargii caalaatt qaree, karaa Dargiin baaseef irra sosso’aa jira. Seenaan cunqursituu Habashaa akka agarsiisutt yeroon cunqursaan bakka cunqurfamaa bu’ee, hammeenyanama irraan gahe qofa utuu hin tahin gadadoohunda innaan itt muuxatu ni dhufa. Kan burquqa sana jalaa bahe hin turre. Ajjeechicha jaallan sanii booda jireenyi hidhamaa akkuma turett, kandhufe haa dhufu jedhamaa itt fufe.Hiikkan,kan du’a irraa oolanii hedduuf dhumiisa booda, waggota sadii ture yoo dhufu, kaaniif waggoota shan fudhate.

Barreessaa kanaaf hundu obbolaa quxusuu fi jaallewwan.Republika Oromia Demokraatoftu dhaabuuf daaya walfakkaataa waliin unkeffatan. Hundi kanwalii kakatan,Kaayyoo saba saanii irraa akka hin mittiqne ture. Jireenya hidhaa, kan guraarama qaamaa fi sammuu dabalatu keessa waliin turan. Gaga’amtoota guraaraa keessumsiisaa baroota sana hunda waliin dabarsan. Gadadoon hidhamtoota malbulchaa Oromoo dallaa sibilaa duuba himamee hin dhumu.Hundi hambaa loltuu Dargii “Zilzil” jedhamu waliin nyaatanii jiru. Hamboti sun silaa kan akka kosiitt gataman, golxa alanfatamuu didnaan afaanii tufaman faa jara hidhameef bareellaa cirrachattdeebisanii hojiirra olchuuf ergamuu turan. Waliin fokkuu keessa dansa jiru qooddataniiru. Barreessan kun waa’ee saanii yoo qaabatu imimmaan, birdhuu fi laalaa dullachi qaama guraaramee deebi’ee kulkulfachuutt ka’a. Kanaaf qaabannoo saanii nageenya sammuu ofiif irraanfachuu barbaada.Garuu of sobuu yoo hin taane akkamitt dandahamaa?Erga addaan deemanii amma waggaa soddomaa; jaallewwan baraaraman akka danuu/tasaa lubbuun jiru. Ummata bilisa qofa kan danuun du’u. Caalaan saanii kakuu saanii Kaayyoo sabaa eeguuf faajjii saanii ol kaasanii balaliisaa jiru. Jaallewwan qabbana ciisaa! Jalala, jannummaa fi jaalbiyyummaa nu barsiiftaniittuu.Dhiiga keessaniinis jaalbiyyooti kumkummooti daraaraa jiru.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan lubbuun jiraniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abbooliif haa tahu!

Ibsaa Guutama
Onkoloolessa, 2016

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tilahunguja · 2016-12-08 at 22:24

boris ittuma nuu fufika dhoksaa akkanaa mul'isuu

tilahunguja · 2016-12-08 at 22:24

yaada bilchaataa fi ergaa cimaa qabu nuuf barreessite ulfaadhu Ibsa

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