The matter of Oromo Liberation –II–Dhimma Bilisummaa Oromoo

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By Ibsaa Guutama

February 2017

The matter of Oromo Liberation

Seriousness of the Oromo in demanding for their independence has started to be felt by all that have interest in and hatred for independent Oromia. As a result, scared internal and external forces are rushing to extinguish the fire of freedom. For them independent Oromia means losing the opportunity to, plunder more, cheap and productive labor force as well as their best fighting machine. Against all odds Oromo revolution has raised political awareness of the colonized people to a level of no return to slumber. The colonizer for a long time had denied existence of Oromo resistance. Darg, the government that replaced the emperor ended without mentioning OLF by name. Wayyaanee had no choice but to accept Oromo national question and subverting it on implementation when possible. Oromo movement that was started by youth of that revolutionary generation has continued with more vigor and commitment. The enemy has also renewed its genocidal campaign using hired hands from inside but is unable to put brake on it. To leave in peace without fear or threat, Oromia needs to be independent. Now, no Ethiopianist hoodwinking and collaboration or cacophony of the adversary and saboteurs can stop the new generation’s march to become free.

The days of old Nafxanyaa system are gone never to return. Monopoly over gun by the new adversary is a temporary matter. Therefore for those that have nostalgia for colonial system and those that were collaborating from lack of self-confidence or from xenophobia, time is against them because they are now living in a world that favors free and productive peoples not parasites. A system that brings occupation to an end is going to replace the hitherto existing archaic one. The right of the Oromo to national self-determination up to and including independence is not negotiable. No party, group or individual from Oromia has the right to take national interest to a bargaining table. It is only free Oromia that can receive those that are willing to be partners in negotiation of any sort, including how to live as good African neighbors. The bottom line for it is mutual respect for each other’s rights and interests. They are only free people that can make such choices. Therefore the ensuing clash will be between those that want independence and those that want to remain under modified colonial rule and their colonial allies, unless differences are fixed in time.

Another point to be realized is that it is only the Oromo that can decide what is good for them. No messing up in others affairs by chauvinists and the bully can anymore be tolerated. Oromia being colony decolonization takes president over all options and promises. For Oromo individuals, if they wish so, it is their right to unite with the colonizer. But they cannot be equally loyal to Oromia and Ethiopia at the same time; they have to choose side. They will not be unique in forming union with an adversary. To cite an African example, there were Eritreans that fought for union with Ethiopia when others chose independence and took to the mountains at last. They had even office in the Piazza of Finfinnee until 1962. One was legally registered with Ethiopian government and the other was registered in their people’s hearts.

As one famous anecdote goes, there were Eritreans, some unionist and others not. The unionists were packing to leave for Shaggar in fulfilling the slogan “Itophiyaa wayika’aa moot” (Ethiopia or death). The non-unionists tried to cajole the others to change their minds but in vain. Then they bade them farewell with a remark “Go, you will get both Ethiopia and death!” As predicted most were humiliated or tortured and eliminated in the hands of Ethiopians under false allegations. But those that chose independence came back with victory. All that run away to Ethiopia from own nation had met the same end before they could change their minds. Nobody is immune from the same fate. Not even great Goobana Daaccee.

The Oromo have at present a problem of separating the unionist from the independence camp. Even OPDO is trying to be nationalist when it was made to be unionist and collaborator. Oromo “unionists” and collaborators are vocalists and manipulators. They can camouflage under every shade. They have slowed down progress of the struggle but failed to win the hearts of the silent majority that is craving for independence. Collaborators have no honor to protect as a result they are seen passing in silence when Oromo people’s identity and honor are attacked by agents of their buddies.

Some Oromo politicians are not capable of originating political ideas. For that reason, they are relentlessly working on hijacking the mainstream struggle and changing the course. As a result, the anticolonial struggle got vulnerable to sabotage by infiltrators and opportunists. Oromo youth since the sixties have not come sacrificing for servitude but “walabummaa” (independence). These days the word “walabummaa” is seen being taken out of most Oromo discourses. For some it is safe and tactically expedient to avoid. But tactics without declared strategy are empty words. A fight for independence demands taking risks safety is not the priority. When walabummaa is the strategy tactics can be drawn only if one has strong and effective Oromo rear. What worries many is “political correctness”; not expressing an idea that their mentors do not approve. Still for others it is personal lack of conviction to be free.

Those that work for walabummaa can draw various tactics without compromising the National Kaayyoo assuming they have disciplined organization and grassroots support. Those that clandestinely work for union with the colonizers should not talk about it being tactics for liberation. Movements shrouded in secrets and not transparent to the nation can be source of great political debacle. In Oromo tradition selfishness and showiness are not admirable qualities. Those that have such qualities will find excuses to circumvent national ethical standards for their own self glory. If that is not achievable in national context they will have no shame to accept offer from the enemy, which they start praising as good friend. They believe they can fool their people; but the silent majority is not foolish but tolerant.

The struggle has now become for two end goals; independent Oromia and democratic Ethiopia. One is either in the first or the second, there is no middle way. To reach both has a process that must be clear from the very beginning. Democratizing Ethiopia does not need to be Oromo. Its advocates had already accepted their Ethiopian identity. It had been tried and failed before. Since it has come back the struggle as then becomes between Ethiopianists and Oromians. There are also dropouts now as then. Oromian struggle and betrayals did not start this century or this decade. It is a continuous process from previous era. The struggle has come growing and sharpening adding more elements, determination, commitment and knowhow and its good will is indivisible. There are those with personal issues that want to disconnect the present from the past. Despite that, this generation continues to march under the Kaayyoo and the banner which millions of heroines and heroes have fallen with. The role of Oromo quislings in the occupation and oppression of Oromia will not be forgotten. That is the defect continuing to haunt the Oromo unless fixed.

Oromo political struggle started as a unified entity. Much time, energy, wealth and life have been paid to keep it undivided. But, helped by external forces, the forces of disunity are getting successful in weakening and dividing it. It now requires new attention from Oromo revolutionaries. Committed political leadership is indispensable to defeat and dismantle the occupation fortress. The tactics of the enemies are getting clearer by the day. Their strength and weakness are transparent. Their plateau top fortresses are broken and become open market places and they have nowhere to hide. Whether they like it or not, the indigenous shall be the sovereign over them. Urban residents as citizens of Oromia will enjoy better privileges and assurance than when they were under Habashaa colonial rule. Towns, being part of their country Oromo will not vandalize them. Do they choose autocracy over democracy?

The strengths of the enemy, if one can call them strengths, are mobilizing the most shameless, shallow, opportunistic good for nothing persons from all part of the empire and smear the good name and stand of the Oromo people publicly. They are waging a psychological war to demoralize and dehumanize the Oromo with gossips and words from malicious bootlicking intellectuals. As the saying goes empty vessels make the most noise. In all other aspects they are weak unless they get help from beyond the oceans. Without that they know they are never match for the Oromo. But even that will not be their monopoly anymore. The Oromo have survived despite greater campaigns and attacks by immense fire power and “Asmat” (voodoo) by renowned dabtaraas for over a hundred years; their morale cannot be broken by present day ignorant riffraff.

The struggle for emancipation of the nation has to get off the ground by concerted efforts of those that stand for liberation. It is only them that can save the nation by bringing back the lost rights, sovereignty, and national honor. Boundless magnanimity and selflessness from leaders are required to mobilize patriots. On the other hand unionists have ceased the anticolonial struggle. Now they are working hard to bring about a transitional Ethiopian government in which they will have seats and share in colonial power and plunder. In all the commotion of the diaspora from Ethiopian empire this objective is clearly visible. All meetings under Habashaa name, Oromo or other name and wriggling of TPLF agents are all about how to sabotage national struggles and form transitional administration for Empire Ethiopia. Their leaders are bunch of losers that are waiting to take advantage of sacrifices made by Oromo youth. That was what all the hullabaloos of Ethiopianists were about.

Oppressed peoples like the Oromo are fighting for their right of national self-determination up to and including independence. They are not interested in harming legitimate interest or rights of others. Genuine revolutionaries are not against Oromo nationals forming different organizations; but insist on tolerance and understanding for each other. All should not necessarily gather under one organization but have coordination of efforts. Let all go their way if it could really take them anywhere. When we talk of Oromo ones heart automatically goes to Oromo in Oromia. But now good numbers of Oromo are found in the diaspora. Most have taken citizenship of a country in which they got asylum. They are forming families and producing children. Not only as source of material and intellectual support for Oromia but they must also be considered as kin that need to take care of themselves as well.

From the first African migrants it is easy to learn what identity crisis could mean. Many of those are now trying to trace their roots for psychological and historical satisfaction. They are human beings that historical accident brought them to foreign land to live under dire conditions. They have participated in building the country in which they found themselves and contributed in blood, sweat and knowledge. But still they are being looked down upon by those that reached there first. Most present day Oromo in diaspora may have no problem of knowing their roots. But concerted action is needed to pass it to following generations. Therefore building strong union of world Oromo community can be one of the solutions. Formation of North America Oromo community was taken as step towards the right direction. But when this lesser task did not materialize how could one trust if a bigger difficult task can be successful?

Every activity in diaspora is carried out according to the law of the land where they are registered. That makes them legitimate, responsible and accountable to members and foreign governments. Therefore community based social organization is preferable and is reliable than multi-organizational gatherings. In particular to include political organizations in such formation is inviting partisan bickering that had been fracturing Oromo political struggle to this day. Membership to community organizations is based on individuals that present themselves for social relations. For this reason it is easier to keep community organizations neutral and common to all nationals irrespective of political affiliation, region or creed. Its mission and vision should cover what could be done not what should be done. Though there could be overlaps, division of functions between political and social organization have to be defined. Individuals are expected to leave their other organizational jackets at the door of community organizations. All Oromo conference that includes organizations and individuals can be conducted on ad hoc basis to discuss on state of Oromummaa and other matters concerning the nation. Its resolution could be implemented by organized participants. This should be a conference called by consensus of elites not by groups or individuals that try to outwit the other for whatever reason.

Oromo of all walks of life and in all geographical areas are still searching for the best way to get answer to the Oromo question. Movements like Oromo conferences or conventions, group meetings and seminars are being organized by activists, religious and civic societies. Brainstorming is going on in all corners. If the outcomes were not predetermined something good could come out of them. Strong independent political organization is needed to make use of the results. Social conferences could help in pointing out what caused the paralysis in Oromo independence movement? With this opportunity they can also suggest common ethical standards (Safuu) for Oromo interactions. All economic and social activities have to contribute to political empowerment of the nation not further weaken its already staggering political movements.

The present generation is the inheritors of principles of Gadaa ethical code or Safuu. They have to revise, develop and live by it. Let us hope the social movements, with patience and tolerance towards each other will bring forth fruitful output. If they are successful they can maintain cohesion among Oromo diaspora and help strengthen Oromummaa outside Oromia and act as its external voice. In the struggle to be free, if all practicing different faiths, political orientations and professions act together, they can hasten Oromo liberation. But forming different conferences or conventions without absolute need for it is ridiculous. It indicates that there are defects in human relations and contributes only to wasting Oromo meager resources. All those that sincerely feel responsibility for the people and show concern for survival of the nation have to critically evaluate their actions; and do the right and honorable thing before divisions created between groups and individuals go deeper to divide members of the nation in the diaspora.

This semester, two Oromo gatherings are scheduled to take place in US. Allegations have already started circulating; supporters of one accusing the other as being sponsored by bodies that have no good name among the Oromo public. The allegation could be true or it emanates from lack of goal transparency or there is clash of personalities. It would have been preferable if they could merge their projects. Short of that it is good if all concentrate on their own schedule only and try to cool down their fans and leave to the results to prove them. They must know that bickering between groups could result in jeopardizing national harmony. So far, many such engagements had contributed in the weakening of Oromia independence movement. It had fractured the diaspora into region, religion and age groups. In some cases it was purposely done by those that had alien mission to execute. Let us hope that these ones do not deserve the same label. This writer is commenting with the assumption that activists in both groups are dedicated to the liberation of Oromia; he may be wrong. If that is not true there is no reason why many of us who stand for national Kaayyoo bother with bunches of Ethiopianists in Oromo clock? We have fought the original enemy and we can fight any that question our rights to independence. Let Waaq forbid, his assumption being proved wrong. As free people there will be no reason to bit around the bush than declaring one’s true intentions.

As for liberation of Oromia, nothing short of strong disciplined political organization or solidarity and selfless leadership can drive it to the finish. Therefore Oromo politicians have to start thinking how to cleanse their mind from any consideration other than carryout duties and responsibilities incumbent on them. If any group could contribute towards this in good faith it is welcome. All who really want Oromo to be one among free peoples of Africa should be able to shelf their differences, suppress their egos and set an interim distance they can cover together. Formation of independent republic Oromia and joining democratic Ethiopia are questions that get answers only when self-determination of Oromia is realized. Till then nothing hinders all to coordinate their efforts and pay the sacrifice it requires for its fruition. This can be done if the name labels they carry have Oromummaa at heart. They can have common agenda for internal and external relations. However unity might be advantageous, merging organization will not be necessarily essential. Each can moves with one’s own pace. Mighty organization can be formed by few effective people that can mobilize great followers. Those that have similar outlook need no negotiation but understanding.

The struggle may require armed resistance or peaceful political struggle alone or both to reach the interim destination. After that as to which direction to take, the people have to decide. Unless such understandings are created no one should be blamed for attacking the other for they are becoming adversaries not companions. Today the colonial power is weakened beyond repair. To ally with such dying power for Oromo nationals amounts to hating their being Oromo or they are alien hirelings. At this time when the nation is nearing victory many galtuu (minions) are coming forward with empty promises. The case of OPDO figures could be cited. OPDO was systematically disabled from birth. It is colonizers weapon and doesn’t have its own volition. It can never be Oromo organization as it stands.

There could be loose people in the ranks of OPDO that talk without thinking. Even then most talks are guided by alien bosses. They can discuss about nationalism and obstacles to development, enough to be topic of discussion for those that want to give them benefit of the doubt from own wavering or dubious stand. No genuine Oromo nationalists will take them seriously except the naïve and those with Ethiopianist inclinations. It must be said again and again that OPDO as an organization is not Oromo’s but Tigraaway’s marionette not its Frankenstein wretch. It is maneuvered by invisible string of the puppeteer, TPLF. For OPDO to assert Oromia’s constitutional right is to expect marionette to act without the puppeteer. But it must be known that what OPDO utters is only what EPRDF/TPLF approves. If not it will be a declaration of war against the mother party. But it is not, because it has no brain of its own to take independent stand. Otherwise it should have withdrawn from EPRDF for attacking Oromia and opened all prison gates to let political prisoners out. If it could do that history will absolve OPDO from all sins it hitherto created.

In the diaspora Oromo have several community association, religious institutions and civic and political societies for at least quarter of a century. But progress in their growth doesn’t commensurate with capabilities of Oromo lying abroad. So far they are not able to create well-functioning local communities, harmonious faith institutions and effective civil societies. Fixing these should be a test for viability of any higher endeavor.

Oromo nation is now in a critical situation where pretenders seem to outmaneuver patriots confusing Oromo question. They present it as if Oromo do not know what they want unless they formulate one for them. The name of Oromo youth is used for this confusion as if the youth has different question from the whole nation. From behaviors of some cadres many are afraid if Ethiopianist eggs are not being incubated by Oromo hens. The forces of liberation have to develop critical thinking to question why things are done in certain ways by friends or enemies. They should not applaud for all contradictory statements. Our destination is yet far off; many may leave us on the way. Only those those dead on duties are praise worthy. There are many obstacles to overcome; ignorance of actors; individual ambitions; enemy infiltrations and forces of reaction. The Oromo are believed to be capable in handling those. They believe they could present themselves to third parties as equals if only they are sovereign over territory that they can defend. Oromummaa cannot be built in the air and in a situation lacking homeland to fallback to.

TPLF has objectives. To attain them it will use any means at its disposal. One such means is the emergency proclamation. Aim of the proclamation is to disable the Oromo from protesting against it and to eliminate and reduce Oromo numbers with that pretext. Numerous Oromo nationals that it could lay its hand on are driven to Nazi like concentration camps disabling them from participating in any sort of movements. This is in addition to those that go to established prisons. All top Oromo leaders of loyal opposition parties and several of their cadres are in such prisons. Thousands of Oromo nationals have disappeared and killed in the streets. Several farmers are massacred indiscriminately on the streets and in the fields by armed militias trained, equipped and led by TPLF. Thousands were not dislocated before standing their ground to defend their families and their land gallantly with arms snatched from the enemy using sticks and stones. TPLF’s campaign will significantly reduce circulation of numbers of able bodied nationals. The proclamation in that case is achieving its purpose. But ultimately it will be a failed plan. All the monarchs before it had tried ruthlessly, by cutting limbs, breasts and tongues. But the Oromo is still there with greater numbers than all its neighbors including the butchers. To wipeout Oromo for good has proved a wasted effort for colonizers. For Oromo revolutionaries there is nothing greater than the matter of liberation of Oromia. That is why they should keep on reminding about it until the Kaayyoo hits its goal. Long live independent Oromia!

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama
February 2017


Dhimma Bilisummaa Oromoo

Oromoon walabummaa saanii gafachuun, kanneen fedhaa fi jibba Oromia walabaa irraa qaban ququuquu eegalee jira. Kana irraa kan ka’e keessaa fi alaa sodaan kan itt bule ibidda birmadummaa kana dhaamsuuf hurrisaa jiru. Oromia bilisoome jechuun carraa itt fufanii caalaa saamuu dhabuu; human saanii gatii bushaa fi homishaawaa dhabu; looltuu gita hin qabnes ni dhabu jechuu dha. Rakkina kanaa hunda jalatt warraaqsi Oromoo of bara cunqurfamoota koloneeffamoo sadarkaa lamuu deebi’ee gonka hin mugamnen gahee jira. Koloneeffataan bara dheeraaf sochiin akkasi akka hin ture haalaa bahe. Dargii, mootummaan Nugusicha bakka buhe maqaa ABO utuu hin dhahin raawwatee. Wayyaaneen gaaffii Oromoo beekee, gaafa empayeritt sirriitt harka galfachuu bare doomsuu malee filmata biraa in qabu turee. Sochiin dargaggoo Oromoo dhaloota warraaqaa sanaan jalqabame giidoo fi dudha guddaan itt fufee jira. Diinnis duula qaceefixa saa haaromsee, qaxaramtutt dhimma bahus dhabuunii hin dandeenye. Sodaa fi dorsisa malee nagan jiraachuuf Oromian walaboomuu qabdi. Amma sossobii fi kalchi yk waci nyaaphaa, dhaloota haaraan bilisummatt dhiichu dowwuu hin dandahu.

Barri Nafxanyaa dullattii akka hin deebinettt sokkee jira. Diinni qawwee irratt dhuunfaa qabaachuunis waan yeroo gabaabduu taatii. Kanaaf addunyaan keessa jiraatan kan leellisu birmaduu fi homishaawoo ummata tahan, malee digaluu kan tahan miti. Sirna kute kan yaadanii fi kanneen of irratt amantee dhabuun yk ummatootaaf jibba qabachuu irraa kan kahe nyaaphaa kalchaa bahan, yeroon isaan waliin mitii. Iddoo sirnna bosose kan bu’u isa qabama raawwachiisu. Mirgi sabummaa ofii ofiin murteeffachuu Oromo, kan walabummaa dabalatu dhoofsisaaf waan dhihaatu miti. Golli, murna haa tahu abbatokkeen, fedha Oromoo diriira dhaadhessaa dhiheessuu dandahu hin juru. Kanneen miiltoo tahuu barabadan, dhoofsisa kamiifuu, akkamitt olloota Africa misha tahanii jiraachuu dabalatee, kan simachuu dandahuu Oromia bilisa qofa. Barbaachisaan, mirgaa fi fedha walii walii ulfeessuu taha. Filmaata akkasii gochuu kan dandahan ummatoota bilisa qofaa. Kanaaf, garagarummaan yoo yeroon furmaata argachuu baate, lolli itt haanu kan tahuu, kanneen walabummaa fedhanii fi kan kolonumaa kabeebsame fedhanii fi koloneeffatoo isaanii kalchan gidduutt tahuuf adeemaa.

Kan beekamu qabu biraan, waan isaaniif tahu murteeffachuu kan dandahan Oromo qofa tahuu dha. Ofirroo fi karisooti dhimma nama biraa keessa lixanii borcuun callifameee hin darbamu. Oromian kolonii waan taateef wareega fi filmaata hunda kan dursu, kolonummaan dhibamuu dha. Oromoo abba abbaan yoo hawwa ofii tahe koloneeffataa waliin tokkummaa ummachuun mirga saaniitii. Garu, altokkoon Oromiafis Itophiyaafis amanamoo tahuu hin dandahanii; gara filachuu qabu. Diina waliin tokkummaa ummachuun kan raajamu hin tahu. Fakkeenya Afrikaa tokko dhahuuf, Eertranoti yero jarri kaan walabummaa filatanii dhuma irrattis gaara seenan Itophiyaa waliin tokkummaa ummachuuf kan lolaa turan jiru. Finfinnee, Piyaassaa keessaallee hamma 1962tt waajjira qabu turan. Tokko mootummaa biratt kan galmaawe yoo tahu kaan garaa ummata saanii keessatt galmaawanii.

Himi tokko akka jedhutt, Eertranoti garii tokkummaa kan ummatan, kaan kan hin ummatin turan. Jarri tokkummaa dhaadannoo “Itophiyaa wayika’aa moot” jedhu bakkaan gahuuf Shaggar bahuuf xaxatan. Kanneen Tokkummaa hin taane yaada geeddarsiisuuf ofumaa dhama’anii turanii. Sana booda “Dhaqaa, Itophiyaas du’as ni argattuu” jedhan jedhama. Akkuma dhaqabameef haddheessaa sobaan hedduun salphifamanii yk guraarfamanii dhabamsiifaman. Saba ofii irraa Itophiyaatt kan baqatan hundi yaada ofii utuu hin jijjiirratin carraama jara kanaatu irra gahe. Hiree akkasii irraa kan dandamatu hin jiraatu; Goobana Daacee guddichillee!

Oromoon si’ana jara tokkummaa fi mooraa walabummaa irraa addaan baafachuu dadhabaa jiru. OPDOn illee Tokummaa fi kalchutuu tahee uumamus sabboonaa tahe yaalaa jira. Oromoon “Tokkummaa” fi kalchitooti, wacaa fi dira’ina guddatu. Gaaddisa hunda jala of dhossuu yk gaararraawuu dandahu. Qabsoon akka tiratu tolchanuu, ummata sagaleen hin dhagahamne dharraa walabummaa qabu wayyabicha gara ofiitt hawwachuu hin dandeenye. Nyaaphaa kalchituun ulfina hin qabdu; kanaaf yeroo eenyummaa fi ulfinni ummata Oromoo keettolii dhibantoota saaniin haleelamu calisanii yoo irra darban mullatu.

Malbulchesitooti Oromo tokko tokko ejjennoo saanii dhugaa argachuf ammalee obonboleett keessa seenanii gadi galuu dadhabaa jiru.Sana yaaluu mannaa qabsoo muummicha butanii karaa irraa maqsuuf yoo ifaja’an argamu. Kanaaf qabsoon farra kolonii hankaaksa luuxxee galtuu fi ayyaan laallattuuf saxilamaa jira. Dargaggoon Oromoo jaatamoota keessaa kaasanii ashkarummaa fi utu hin tahin walabummaaf wareegamaa hardha gahani. Bara kana qooqi walabummaa jedhamu dubbii taasifamu keessaa hambifamaa jira. Toko took hambisamuun saa tooftaaf jechuu fedhu. Garuu tooftaan tarsimoo beekamu of duubaa hin qabne qooqa duwwaa hundee hin qabne. Walabummaan yoo tarsimoo tahe tooftaabaafachuun kan dandahu, nammi tokko duubbee Oromoo dhimma baasuu dandahu yoo qabaate. Hedduu kan yaaddessu “sirrooma malbulchaa” dhabnaa laata jechuu dha; yaada gooftoliin saanii hin feenett bu’uu. Kaan kaaniif bilisa tahuu sodaachuu dha.

Kanneen walabummaaf hojjetan dhaaba naamusaawaa fi deggersa ummata ballaa qabu. Kaayyoo sabaa utuu hin faallessin tooftaa adda addaa baafachuu dandahu. Kanneen lafa jala koloneefataa waliin dalagan waa’ee tooftummaa saa dubachuu hin qabani. Sochooti iccitiin kafanamanii ummatichaaf keessaan laalii hin taane madda balaa malbulchaa tahuu dandahu. Dudhaa Oromoo keessatt ofittumaa fi of agarsiisuun akaakuu leellifaman miti. Kanneen akaakuu akkasii qaban hangameessa safuu sabaa achi gatanii surraa ofiif sababa itt barbaachuu dandahu. Sana argachuun saba ofii keessatt yoo dadhabme, qaanii waan hin qabneef kan diinni itt hiixatu fudhatanii fira gaarii tahuu saa afarsuu eegalu. Ummata ofii gowwoomsuu kan dandahan itt fakkaata; garuu wayyabi cal jedhu kun dandahaa dha malee gowwaa miti.

Qabsich amma itt gala lamaf taheera; Oromia walabaa fi Itophiyaa demkraatofte. Nammi took isa tokkoffaa yk lamaffaa keessa tahuu malee bakki giddu galeessi hin jiru. Bakka lamaan gahuun yaa’a jalqabumaa dursee ifsamuun irra jiru qaba. Itophiyaa demokraatessuun Oromoo tahuu hin gaafatu. Kanneen afarsan qaata eenyummaa Itophiyaa fudhachuu saanii beeksifatanii. Sun waan dur yaalame kufe. Erga deebi’e qabsichi, Itopiphistoota fi Oromiyoota gidduu taha.Akkuma durii kan harcanis jiru. Qabsoon Oromiyootaa fi ganamuun jaarraa kana yk kurnoota kana keessa hin eegalle, waan dur irraa itt fufaa dhufe. Qabsichi guddataa fi qaramaa, eegalee, murannoo, dudhamaa fi beekumsa caalaa dabalataa dhufe; feedhi mishi argamsiise kan bibinxa’amu miti. Rakkina ofii qaban furuuf kanneen durii fi si’ana gargar kutuuf yaalan jiru. Sun tahus, dhalooti kun Kaayyoo fi alaabaa goototi kumkuma tahan waliin kufan qabatee dhiichuu itt fufa. Qoodi goobanooti Oromoo qabamaa fi hacuucama Oromia keessatt qaban hin irraanfatamu. Mudichi yoo sirreessamuu baate Oromoo irra marsaa kan hafu taha.

Qabsoon malbulchaa Oromoo akka tokkee ofiijiroott eegalee. Akka addaan hin baaneef yeroo, giidoo, qabeenya fi lubbuu hedduutu itt qisaasame. Garuu deggersa humnoota alaa irraa argataniin, aangoti gargar baaftuun dadhabsiisuuf babankaasuutt milkii argataa kan jiran fakkaataa. Amma warraqxoti Oromoo keessa deebi’anii akka haaraatt itt dammaquu barbaachisa. Diina injifatanii daannoo saa diiguun, hooggansa malbulchaa dudhama qabu malee hin tahu. Tooftaan diinaa guyyuu ifa bahaa deema. Jabinnii fi dadhabbinni saanii keesaanlaalii dha. Daannoon saanii tabba irra ture diigamee lafa gabaa tahee waan jiruuf, bakka itt dhokatan hin qabani. Isaan jaallatanii dhiisanii jarri abbaa biyyaa isanirratt moo’aa ni tahu. Jiraattoti magaalaa akka nambiyyaa Oromiati mirgi fi iggitiinqabaatan, yero kolonii Habashaa turanii gad hin tahu. Demokrasii irra ofaangessummaa caalchifatuu laata?

Jabinni diinaa, yoo jabina jedhama tahe, namoota qaanii hin beekne, oldhihoo, ayyaan laallatu, wayitt hin galle, golee empayeraa hunda funaananii maqaa fi ejjennoo Oromoo ammba keessatt akka xureessan hiriirsuu dha. Hamilee saanii cabsanii namaa gaditt ilaalchisuuf duula jette jettee fi qooqota beekota shiraan guutaman, milla arraboo diinaa irraa argataniin duula ayyaamquwii banaa jiru. Akkuma jedhamu, “Qodaa duwwaatu sagalee guddaa baasa”. Yoo manyaa gamaa gargaarsa hin arganne, isaan gara halleen dadhaboo dha. Sanaaf malee akka Oromoo hin gitne isaanuu beeku. Sunu yeroof malee sii’ach dhuunfaa saanii tahee hin hafu. Oromoon waggoota dhibbaa oliif duula olhaanoo fi falfala dabtara beekamoo irraa baraaramee yoona gahee jira; haafa juujuu hardhaatiin hamileen saanii hin tuqamu.

Qabsoon bilisummaa sabichaa ifaajjee kanneen walabummaaf ijaajjaniin qindaawuun lafaa ol ka’uu qabaa. Isaan qofa kan mirgoota ilmoo namaa, moo’ummaa fi ulfina badan deebisanii sabicha baraaruu kan dandahan. Jaalbiyyoota hiriirsuu fi ofirra dabarsanii ilaaluun ofkenna hoggansaa gaafata. Karaa biraan “Tokkummooti” waraana farra kolonii dhiisanii jiru. Kan isaan jabeessanii hojjetaa jiran mootummaa cehumsaa Itophiyaa, kan isaan keessaa barcumaa qabanii fi aangoo koloneesaa fi saamicha argamu hirachuu itt dandahan argamsiisuu dha. Wacabbara Badii empayera Itophiyaa dhufanii hunda keessatt akeeki kun ifee mullata. Walgahooti maqaa Itophiyaa fi Oromoo fi wuwuxifati keettolii TPLF hundi akkamitt akka qabsoo sabaa doomsanii bulcha cehumsaa Empayera Itophiyaa itt dhaabuu dandahan ilaala. Hoogganooti saanii hogga’ootaa wareegama dargaggoo Oromoo godhan irratt anjaa fudhachuuf eeggataa jirani. Waci hundi Itophiyaanistootan tolfamaa bahan kanumaafi. Afaan malee dandeettii saa hin qaban.

Ummatooti cunqurfamoon akka Oromoo kan lolataa jiran mirga hiree sabummaa ofii hanga walabummatt ofiin murteeffachuu dandahuufii. Mirga seeraan kanneen biro qaban miidhuuf yaada hin qabanii. Warraaqxoti dhugaa namooti Oromoo tahan dhaaba addaa ummachuu hin mormanii; garuu waldandahuu fi wal qayyabannoon akka jiraatu gaafatu. Hundi dirqiitt dhaaba tokko jalatt walitt dhufuu in qabanii; garuu ifaajee saanii yoo qindeeffatan dansa. Bakka itt geessuun qabaannaan hunduu karaa karaa ofii haa deemanii. Waa’ee Oromoo yoo ka’u garaan hundaa Oromoo biyyatt hafe yaadaa. Garuu si’ana Oromoon lakkofsa guddaa Badii tahanii jiru. Hedduun biyya kooluu itt galaniif nambiyyaa tahanii jiru. Bultii dhaabbatanii daa’immanis hora jiru. Akka Oromia fi gargarsa waatatt fi qaroomaa kennan qofatt utuu hin tahin, sabboonota ofis gargaaruuf gamtoomu qabaniitt ilaalamu barbaachisa.

Godaantota Afriikaa duraanii irraa waa’ee burjaajii eenyummaa barachuun ni dandahama. Hedduun saanii si’ana bu’aa ayyamquyii fi seenaa inni qabaachuu dandahuuf qaccee dhalootaa qorachuutt kahanii jiru. Haala hamaa jala akka jiraatan danuu seenaatuu biyya halagaatt fide. Biyya keessatt of argan ijaaruu irratt qooda fudhatanii dhiigaa, dafqa fi beekumsa gumaachanii jiru. Haa tahu malee ammayyuu kanneen dura achi gahaniin gad ilaalamaa jiru. Oromoo Badiin si’anaa qaccee saanii baruuf rakko hin qaban taha. Garuu dhalootaa dhalootatt dabarsuuf gocha qindaawe gaafata. Kanaaf tokkummaa hawaasa Oromoo addunyaa jabaa ijaaruun furmaatota jiran keessaa tokko. Uumamuun Tokkummaa Hawaasa Oromoo Ameerkaa tarkaanfii kallatii sirriitt fudatame jedhame hark rukutameefii. Sana utuu rogaan gad dhaabuun hin milkaawin, hojii jabaa caalaatt darbuun ni milkaawa jedhamee attamitt amanama?

Gochi Badii hundi akka seera biyya itt galmeefamaniitt gaggeeffama. Sun miseensotaa fi mootummoota halaga biratt, seerawummaa, abbaawummaa fi itt gafatamummaa kennaafii. Kanaaf dhaaboti hawaasomaa, hawaasa irratt ijaaraman, hunda caalaa amansiisoo dha. Keessattuu, dhaaba akksii keessatt dhaabota malbulchaa dabaluun qoccolloo golootaa qabsoo Oromoo hanga hardhaatt caccabsaa bahan afeeruu dha. Miseensummaan waldaalee hawaasaa abba tokkoota hariiroo hawaasomaaf dhihatan irratt hundaawa. Unkeffammi hawaasa irratt ijaarame biyyi abbaa ofii yeroo dararamu dhaqabuuf caalaa kennataa dha; akka ammaa, yeroo TPLF milishaa afaan Somaalee dubbattu hiriirsee Oromia saamsisuu fi Oromoo irratt duula qacefixii gaggeessu kana jechuu dha. Jarmota hawaasaa hin baabsinee fi miseensummaa malbulchaa, godina yk amanteen utuu gargar hin baasin hundaaf kan waloo akka tahan gochuun ni salphata. Ergamsii fi daayi saa waan tahuu qabu uttuu hin tahin waan tahuu dandahu taha. Wal irra bu’i yoo jiraachuu dandaheyyuu, hirmaati hojii dhaabota malbulchaa fi hawaasa gidduu jiru taliila tahuu qaba. Korri idlee Oromoo yero gabaabaa kan dhaabotaa fi abba abbaa dabalatu, haala Oromummaa fi dhimma sabichaa biraa irratt mari’atu waamamee, murtoo inni dabarsu qooda fudhatoota ijaaramaniin hojii irra ooluu dandaha. Kun kan hayyooti irratt waliigalanii waaman malee kan seenaa irratt wal saaman tahuu hin qabu.

Oromoon sadarkaa fi lafquwii hundaa, ammayyuu gaaffii Oromoof deebii argamsiisuuf kara karaa bobba’aa jiru. Sochooti hawaasomaa akka kora yk gumii, walgahoota murnaa fi seminaaroti, hisatoota, hawaasa amantee fi noolaan gurmaawaa jiru. Mariin adda addaa deemaa jira. Yoo itt bahi saanii dursee kan qophefaman hin tane waan dansatt bahuu dandahu. Yoo abba tokkooti bolola saanii of duubatt dhiisuu hayaman karaa sirrii ni argatu taha. Hobbaatii argamanitt dhimmi bahuuf dhaaba malbulcha jabaa gaafata. Walgahooti hawaasomaa kaasaa laasha’ina sochoota bilisummaa Oromoo bira gahuu ni dandahu taha. Ayyaana kanaan argameen, hariiroo Oromoo gidduutt tahuuf hangameessa safuu kan hundaaf waloo tahe irratt yaada dhiheessuus ni dandahu. Gochooti diinagdee fi hawaasomaa hundi, sochoota malbulchaa qaata bitintiraa jiran caalaa muuyyesuuf utuu hin tahin sabicha angessuf gumaachuu qabu.

Dhalooti si’anaa dhaalaa maqii akeeka yk safuu Gadaatii. Keessa deebi’anii ilaaluu fi guddisanii ittiin jiraachuu qabu. Sochooti hawaasomaa obsaa fi walii dandahuun hobbaatii homishaawaa taheen as bahu jennee haa abdannu. Yoo milkaawan Oromoo Badii gidduutt walitt dhiheenya uumuu fi Oromummaa Oromia alatt jabesuu fi sagalee saa alaa tahanii maa’ii baasuu dandahu. Qabsoo birmadummaaf godhamu irratt yoo kanneen amantee, leelloo malbulchaa, oguma adda addaa shaakalan waliin hiriiran bilisummaa Oromoo shaffisiisuu dadahu. Garuu akeekuma tokoof walgahii adda addaa waammachuun waan nama dhibuu. Sun hariiroon namoota gidduu mudaa akka qabuu fi qabeenya Oromoo ofiiyyuu hin jirree qisaasuu akkadandahu agarsiisaa. Kanneen dhugaatt rakkinni ummatichaa fi baraarama sabichaaf dantaa qaban gocha saanii qeeqaan madaaluu qabu; utuu addummaan murnootaa fi abba tokkoota gidduutt uumamuu caalaatt gadi fagaatee miseensota sabichaa Badii gargar hin facaasin waan sirrii fi ulfina qabu tolchuutu irraa eegama.

Walakkaa waggaa kana keessa walgahooti Oromoo lama UStt tahuuf saganteeffamanii jiru. Haddheessi qaata biyya guute; deggertooti isa tokkoo, jara kaaniin qaamota Oromoo biratt hin jaallatamneen deggeramaa jira jechuun maqaa wall dhahaa jiru. Haddheessi kun dhugaa tahuu ni dandaha yk itt galli keesaanlaalii tahuu dhabuun ni mala yk walgipha’a nameenyaas tahuun ni mala. Yoo hamilata saanii walitt baqsuu dadhaban, utuu hundi hojii harkaa qabanitt xiyyeeffatanii, dhugaa saaniif hobbaatiin raga akka bahuu godhanii ni filama ture. Qoccolloon murnoota gidduutt dhalatu atooma sabichaa akka booressuu dandahu huubachuu qabu. Hanga yoonaa dubbiin akkasii sochii walabummaa dadhabsiisuu irratt akka gumaache argamee jira. Badii, godinaatt, amantee fi hiriyaatt meelachiisee ture. Tokko tokko kanneen ergamsa diinaa hojii irra oolchaniin beekaa tolfame. Jara kana booqaan sun itt hin bahu jennee haa abdannu. Barreessaan kun kan yaada kana kennu murni lamaanuu bilisummaa Oromoof tattaafatu jedheetu; dogoggoruu ni mala. Yoo sun dhugaa hin taane, kanneen kaayyoo sabaaf ijaajjan, bissii funaasa Itophistootaa waaroo Oromummaa jala dhokataniif waanti dhimma godhataniif hin jiru. Nyaapha eegalaan wal hadhanii jiru, kan walabummaa Oromia gaaffii jala galchuu kamiinuu walii bahuu hin seesanii. Yaadi saa akka dogoggora hin taane Waaq haa baraaruu!

Kan bilisummaa Oromia ilaalu irratt, dhaaba malbulchaa yk tumsa naamusa qabu fi hoggansa ofkennee gaditt kan fiixaan baasuu dandahu hin jiru. Kanaaf malbulcheesitootii Oromoo dirqamaa fi abbawmaa irra jiru malee yaada biraa akka gidduu hin galchineef sammuu ofii akka itt afaalla’atan yaaduu qabu. Kanneen Oromoon ummatoota birmaduu keessa tokko akka tahan fudhatan, garagarummaa saanii rarraasuun, ofuffummaa saanii ciipha’anii fageenya waliin joga’uu dandahan murteessuun waaliin hiriiruu dandahu. Oromia walabi unka’uu fi Itophiyaa demookraatoftu soquun, gaaffota gaafa Oromian hiree sabummaa ofii ofiin murteeffachuun mirkanaawe qofa deebii argatani. Hangasitt hunduu hamma hobbaatiin argamutt humana saanii qindeeffatanii akka hin qabsoofne kan dhorgu hin jiru. Amma, dhimmi keessaa fi alaaf bu’uura waloo qabaachuu dandahu. Tokkummaan anja qabaatullee, dhaabota walitt baqsuun barbaachisaa hint ahu. Hundu hanga tarkaanfii ofiitt socho’uu dandaha. Dhaabi cimaan namoota hidda kutuu dandahan yartuu, kan hoomaa lakkoofsa hin qabne hiriirsaniin unkeffamu ni dandaha.

Qabsichi itt gala gabaaduu gahuuf diddaa hidhannoo yk qabsoo nagaa qofa yk lachanuu barbaaduu dandaha. Sana duuba hiree ofii ummatichatu murteessa. Waliigaltee akkasii irra hin gahamu taanaan jarri walii nakkarii malee miltoo waan hin taaneef maaliif walitt bu’uun eenyuu hin komatamu. Hardha humni kolonii akka kabeebsamuu hin dandeenyett fafatee jira. Nama Oromoof, humna du’aa jiru kanaa tumsuun, Oromoo tahuu ofii jibbuu yk qaxaramaa halagaa tahuutt hedama. Yeroo kana, galtuu hedduun wareega konkaa taheen as bahaa jiru. Kanaa ilaalchisee, dubbii namoota OPDO dhahuun ni dandahama. OPDOn eegalumaa sirnaan fafate. Meeshaa halagaa fedha ofii hin qabne.

OPDO keessa namooti utuu hin yaadin dubbatan jiru taha. Sunuu kan dubbatamu masaka gooftolii saanii halagaa qofaanii. Waa’ee sabboonummaa, gufuu misoomaa kan fakkatan irratt dubbachiisuun kanneen daddaqina ofii irraan kan kahe bu’aa ciicannoo kennuufii barbaadaniif waan irratt haasa’amu argamsiisuuf. Gowwaa fi kanneen Itophistummatt duufan yoo hin taane sabboonaan dhugaa sirinyaatt isaan hin fudhatu. OPDOn akka dhaabaatt kan Oromoo akka hin taane deddeebi’ee himamu qaba; uumaa Frankenstien Tigraawayi utuu hin tahin waantaphee “maariyooneet” jedhamtu saatii. Liillana hin mullanen namicha “puppeteer” jedhamuu, TPLFn olii gadi unkuramti. OPDOn mirga Oromoon heeraan qabu jabeessa jechuun “mariyooneet” puppeteer malee ofiin sosso’uu dandeessi akka jechuu taha. Kan beekamuu qabu waanti OPDOn afaanii baafatu, waan EPRDF/TPLF hayyamuuf qofa. Sun hin taane taanaan gola haadhatt waraana labsuu taha. Garuu sun hint ahu; maaliif yoo jedhame, ejjennoo walaba fudhachuuf surrii ofii waan hin qabneefii. Sanaaf malee Oromian rukutamuu saaf EPRDF keessaa of baasee ulaa hidhaa hundaa bane hidhamtoota malbulchaa gad dhiisa ture. Utuu sana godhe seenaan cubbuu hanga yoonaa hojjete irraa OPDO faloo baasa ture. Sun yaacii dha.

Badiin, yoo xinnaate arfacha jaarraaf waldaa hawasaa, dhaabota amantee fi jarmota noolaa fi malbulchaa hedduu qabu.Garuu guddinni agarsiisan dandeettii Oromo ala jiraniin wal hin gitu. Hamma yoonaa hawaasota naannaa sirriitt hojjetan, dhaabota amantee atoma qabanii fi garee noolaa dhimma baasan uummachuu hin daddeenye. Kana fayyisuun waan olhaanu hojjechutt darbuuf qormaata taha.

Sabi Oromoo si’ana sadarkaa hamtuu kan fakkeessitooti, jaalbiyyoota shawwaduun gaaffii Oromoo joonjessan irra gahee jira. Akka waan yoo isaan tottolchaniif malee Oromoon waan barbaadan hin beekneett dhiheessu. Joonjee kanaaf, akka waan dargaggoon Oromoo ummaticha irraa gaafii addaa qabaniitt maqaan saanii dhahaama. Akka dabballooti tokko tokko of tolchanitt handaaqqoon Oromoo akka hanqaaquu Itophistoota hin haammanne kan sodaatan jiru. Humnooti bilisummaa, gochii tokko tokko maaliif diinaa fi firootaan akka tokkott tahan, qeeqaan ilaalu misoonfachuu qabu. Waan walfincilan hundaaf harka rukutuu miti. It gala irraa fagoo jirra; hedduun karaa irratt nu dhiisuun waan maluuf kan jiruu irratt kaayyoott cichanii darban qofatu farfamuu qaba. Irra haanuuf gufoolii hedduutu jiru; waldhaalina taatotaa; bolola abba abbaa; luuxee gala keettoo diinaa fi humna duubatt harkiftoota. Oromoon kanneen too’achuuf dandeettii riphaa qaba. Qaama sadaffaatt walqixxummaan dhihachuu kan dandahan, yoo biyya saanii irratt moo’ummaa qabaatani eeggachuus dandahan qofa tahuu amanu. Oromummaan qilleensa fi haala biyya itt dheessan hin jirre irratt ijaaramu hin dandahu.

TPLF akeeka qaba. Bakkaan gahachuufis waan dandahu hundatt dhima baha. Labsi hatattamaa dhiheenya labse kanneen keessaa tokko. Aggaamsi labsichaa Oromoon akka ittiin mormuu hin dandeenye dadhabsiisuu fi sanaan qabatee lakkoofsa Oromoo gadi cabsuu dha. Oromoo harka irra buufachuu dandahe hunda mooraa nama itt guuran akka kan Naziitt galchuun sochii kamuu keessatt akka qooda hin fudhannee hankaaksee jira. Kun kanneen mana hidhaa beekamuutt guruu ala. Hogganootaa fi dabballooti dhaaboota Oromoo mormituu amanamtuu hedduutu mana hidhaa akkasiitt hidhamaa jiru. Sabboonoti Oromoo kumootii bakki gahan dhibamuutt dabalee hedduutu karaa irratt ajjeefaman. Lafa saanii fudhachuuf qotee bulaa hedduutu lafa irraa haxaawama jira. Kumaan buqqa’anuu utuu maatii fi lafa isaanii irraa ulee fi dhagaan hin facisin harka hin kennanne. Qawwe haarkaa buufataniin jannummaan ofirr faccisaa akka kufan dhagahuun kan bara baraan farfamu. Duulli TPLF sochii sabboonota jajjaboo hanga tokko dadhabsiisuu hin hafu. Akkasitt yoo laalame labsichi akeeka saa fiixan baase taha. Garuu xumuratt karoora hankaake taha. Nugusooti isa duraa, harmaa, arfanii fi arraba kutuun sanuma yaalaa turani. Garuu Oromoon lakkoofisaan, jarii isa qalan dabalamanii hardhallee ollota ol tahe argama. Kun Oromoo haxaa’anii fixuu yaaluun ofumaa dhama’uu akka tahe koloneeffataaf mirkaneessee jira. Warraaqxota Oromoof wanti dhimma bilisummaa Oromia caaluuf hin jiru. Hanga Kaayyoo fiixaan baasanitt waa’ee bilisummaa Oromoo yaadachiisuu dhaabuu hin qaban. Oromia walabi haa jiraattu.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

Ibsaa Guutama

Guraandhala 2017

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