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We’ve just launched this website and in the fullest of time we’ll have more to say on this page about us.
For now we’ll just point out some tips that would make your browsing experience great at our site.

  • All external links at this website open in a new browser window. If an external link opens in a full window, it means our web page will be behind the new window. This is so that our website page stays the same as before you navigated away — a small detail, but just to let you know. Try this link on Oromo people which takes you to a page on Wikipedia. Note that depending on the setting of your browser, a new window could mean a new tab. If you close the newly opened browser, you’ll come back to this page. On mobile phones usually all you need to do is to tap the back button of your phone.
  • Our website is designed with “mobile first design” principle, meaning it is mobile or cellular phone as well as tablet computer friendly. In short, it adapts to different screen sizes — be it a small handy phone or a big desktop monitor. Note that when viewing large pictures on a mobile phone, you may need to orient the phone to landscape format if your phone allows screen rotation. Hope you’d like this.
  • We’re RSS feed enabled. You can read all our postings in your browser’s RSS reader and if there are new postings, your browser will update it for you. To subscribe, click on the icon shown above next to social network icons (facebook, twitter, google+). You don’t need to sign up; this is done automatically for you by your browser.

More coming up…

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