Raise hue and cry: Oromo of Walloo are asking their relatives to raise hue and cry and hurry up for their rescue

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By Ibsaa Guutama

14 June 2019

The Amaaraa are pushing them to the corner and have started attacking them taking cover under federation. They are being heard saying, this is not your country, what are you doing among us get lost. Historically and legally it is not only this one but Oromo have more left to claim. Repeating stories created for propaganda purpose over and over does not entitle one to grab what belongs to others.

All coming and passing eras Northern Oromo have reached so far fending off the enemy. They had driven back their invading horde to their corners and administered them according to own plan so that they make no more noise. It was to avenge that a person called Teedros who came to power with foreign help tried to shock them by mowing limbs. Though the foreign power that caused his rise to power was also blamed for pulling him down, they were those Oromo that added him to dust at Maqadallaa. When he released foreigners, he imprisoned to win sympathy, he slew all Oromo leaders in his custody. Revenge against the Oromo by leaders that came after him has never stopped.

Members of EPRDF are also continuing the same tradition. ODP’s wavering to come to the rescue of people by whose name it was formed seems giving more weight for covenant they have with EPRDF. They are not considering that this could be taken up as a challenge by the remaining Oromo.

Truth, peace, unity, equality and love being preached by Dr. Abiy is feared to remain in the air. Therefore, it requires promt attention. Until the Amaaraa accept all past wrong doings their leaders did to the Oromo and agree to pay indemnities and show willingness to live with them in peace, equality freedom and brother/sisterhood by entering into new covenant, it will be difficult for reconciliation to take place. That is a traditional procedure known to all for bodies having conflict.

But so far Amaaraa elites did not show regrets for wrongs done by their fathers, except the rage they have against Oromo thinking of freedom. They curse OLF for all their failures and weaknesses wherever they go only for its Oromummaa. For them, OLF generally symbolizes the Oromo. Their heroes that mercilessly committed genocide against the Oromo like, Teedros, Minilik and Hayila Sillaasee are always on their lips. Many Oromo would not hastate to take their remains out of their graves and even burn them.

Because Abiy follows his own style of leadership and does not need their guidance the Amaaraa have started to condemn him. But even if they vow to so many Tabernacles, they cannot get a better leader than him at the present. Their intellectuals like Daawwit Walda Goorgis did not bother to study why the monarchy and all those that came after it have fallen? They are advising Abiy that he suspends the constitution and silence the Oromo and Somali or resign if he cannot do that for, he is of no use for their Ethiopia.

Dawit W/Goorgis the Amaaraa in his 80’s advice is not new; it had led Darg and many Ethiopian officers to their doom and helped Wayyaanee and Shaabiyaa to victory. For himself he has slipped out and is enjoying a better life than before. His thinking does not go with the time. Not in intelligence but he fails in judgement. Even seeing the Ethiopian empire decaying, instead of using his education and experience to find a way of keeping together nations and nationalities, he came out geared to patch up the tattered empire. The truth in his statement is that Ethiopia is becoming a failed state. Since the “qiny gizatoch” (colonies) rebelled she is in confusion unable to organize herself.

Nations in her like, Amaaraa, Tigraaway, Agawu and Qimaant are making efforts to autonomously organize themselves based on their exclusive identity. Old Ethiopia is remaining only on his and Nafxanyaa system hopeful’s lips. It is only with binoculars from Habashaa highlands that those that fight for their freedom appear as radicals and those that blend with falling empire and grab others land as heroes.

There are no “Zaranya” (racist?) or radicals in the empire; there are only those that are struggling for their freedom and those that are trying to suppress them. The Oromo with their struggle has now changed conditions for “Qinyi” (colonialism) not to come back to them again. When doing this they did not stamp over human rights and Gadaa laws. But they are keeping on provoking them to raise their hands on others. Spreading false propaganda, they have agitated peaceful people scaring them of dangers coming from the Oromo and have managed to make some run away from few areas. For that they should not blame the Oromo but their own hooligans.

To repeat past history, Amaaraa elites beating their “Nagaariit” (declaration drums) is being told. Their starting to trespass on Oromo zone in their region and some neighbourhoods are being witnessed. Let alone now the Oromo had at no time before willingly surrendered their rights. The solution is not trying to patching up old Ethiopia but correcting all wrong laws and entering into new covenant with equality freedom and respecting each other and make efforts to live in peace and happiness thereafter.

The Oromo say, “You do not remain with dirty hands and old ways”. Yesterday has dusked and becoming history, tomorrow is dawning from underneath and glowing the future. The Walloo case will only hurry up dawn and return of darkness cannot be imagined. The Oromo if not more, do not have less information than them.

Saying like olden days, that the Taabot refused to move, and is dropping from the sky and so you have to give it land, only shows the level of their development for failing to understand present level of Oromo information. Even Oromo infants know that it is hand curved from wood. For this reason, that matters do not lead to severing relations Amaaraa knowledgeable need to rethink.

Issues nowadays discussed in town halls are beneficial only to the rich and powerful not for our region. To benefit from it our region requires to first solve our basic problem, the national question and start to compete with the world in unison.

Otherwise while we create obstacles to each other for minor interests we are going to be doomed to be shared out among global corporations. Unless we resolve problems of minor interests our ability for bigger ones becomes doubtful. Oromian haa jiraattu.

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