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Oromia Today

Independent Voice of Oromia

A Response to Dr Zelalem Atlee’s attack on the Oromo

A Response to Dr Zelalem Atlee’s attack on the Oromo:


By Imiru Itana


I wrote this article in response to Dr. Zelalem Atlee's statement posted on AbayMedia on 28 September 2018 as linked above. It is appalling to read the jargon written by a person who is a Medical and Philosophy doctorate holder as posted on AbayMedia but who has exposed himself as no better than an empty vessel. It is such types of pseudo-Ethiopianists who claim to have achieved the highest educational status in the society but never recognize the prevailing fundamental problems of the peoples of Ethiopia. Dr. Zelalem and his likes want to carry forward the chronic problems that were created by their forefathers as if they are good heritage. [More]